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Aruba Becomes First Nation to Use the Internet Archive to Back up Their Entire History

Aruba becomes first nation to back up history

The Indigenous population of Aruba was first colonized by the Spanish, and then the Dutch – which has given the Caribbean island a diverse history. As archivist Stacy Argondizzo also explains, “they were one disaster away, basically, from losing everything.” Back in 2018, the Internet Archive first began discussions with the country about helping them preserve … Read more

AXA’s New Foresight Report Offers 100 Reasons to Love the Future


There are plenty of futurists who will offer you a list of all the ways the world can go wrong, and things could be worse. Against that backdrop, this timely report from AXA Insurance’s foresight team offers 100 Reasons to Love the Future (PDF Download Link). The beautifully designed report covers everything from growing youth involvement in … Read more

Ever Wonder Why Certain Flavors Of Chips Are Sold In Some Countries and Not Others? Inside The Secretive World Of Flavor Dust …

Inside The Secretive World Of Flavor Dust

If you have ever been to another region of the world and been curious about how they ended up with the various flavors of crisps (chips to Americans) that are on store shelves, you’ll find this article very interesting. It asks and answers everything you’ve wondered about how various flavors get reduced to the flavored … Read more

The Gen Z Gender Divide

A New Global Gender Divide Is Emerging For The First Time Ever

For all the research and articles you might have read about the habits and beliefs from one generation to the next, one assumption has remained surprisingly unquestioned: both men and women from any particular generation share a similar mindset. What separates Boomers from Millennials may be extreme but that shift applies relatively equally to anyone … Read more

A Rare Roundup of African Startups and Countries to Watch in 2024

A Rare Roundup Of African Startups and Countries To Watch In 2024

In the process of curating this newsletter every week, I read a lot of stories about startups and innovation. Hardly any feature case studies from the continent of Africa. The fact that African innovation is widely ignored probably isn’t much of a surprise to anyone who comes from that ecosystem … but it’s a fact … Read more

The Most Positive and Uplifting News From 2023 … in an Infographic

The Most Positive and Uplifting News From 2023 ... In An Infographic

Just in time for the end of the year, the team at Information is Beautiful has put together an infographic with all the “positive trends and admirable global breakthroughs of 2023.” On the list is everything from promising new medical treatments to city-wide pronouncements that are likely to make a major impact to improve local … Read more

The 2024 Soft Power Survey Honors Countries Who Still Practice the Art of Diplomacy in Complex Times

The 2024 Soft Power Survey Honors Countries Who Still Practice the Art of Diplomacy In Complex Times

Pandas have long been used as a symbol of international cooperation. Known as “envoys of friendship,” the loaning of pandas from China to other nations was so popular for a time that it inspired the term “panda diplomacy” as a way to describe what is otherwise termed in geopolitical circles as “soft power.” This is … Read more

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