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France Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps That Smell Like Fresh Baguettes

France Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps That Smell Like Fresh Baguettes

Just in time for the feast of Saint-Honoré, a day honoring the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, La Poste in France released a limited edition set of scratch-and-sniff stamps featuring a baguette wrapped in the national colors of the French flag. The effect was achieved through “microcapsules of fragrance embedded in ink” and … Read more

How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

The future of entertainment will be driven by more immersive experiences. This week, there was a story about how the Meta Quest VR headset will be accessible by passengers on long haul flights. The possibilities to tie this into tourism, destinations and the overall travel experience are vast. Also this week, Airbnb has been getting some attention … Read more

Momternships and How to Fight the “Motherhood Penalty”

Momternships and How To Fight the “Motherhood Penalty”

This past Mother’s Day one recurring story was about the impact that motherhood has on the careers of women. One survey found that two-thirds of new mothers have considered leaving the workforce due to the cost and stress of childcare. Many others leave the workforce by choice to be at home for their kid(s).Regardless of their reasons, … Read more

Imagining the Future of Hip Hop and Art in 50 Years

Imagining the Future Of Hip Hop and Art In 50 Years

The day after the Met Gala, the Internet was flooded with deep fakes of celebrities who weren’t there, wearing things they never wore. Some of them were pretty convincing. The future of art, fashion, and music will see all sorts of disruptions in the coming years from technology like this. Where is all of this headed? … Read more

The Lost Emotion of “Perfectly Colorized” Old Black & White Photos

The Lost Emotion of Perfectly Colorized Old Black n White Photos

A photographer edited and colorized 30 vintage black and white photos. His intention was to “breathe life into these vintage snapshots, turning monochrome memories into vibrant realities.” Some of the images look strangely AI-generated with the colorizing. Others look fairly good, but the very act of adding color removes some of the intrigue and romance from … Read more

Meet the Bizarre Top Ten Finalists in the 2024 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

Meet the Bizarre Top Ten Finalists In The 2024 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition

In early March on the campus of Georgia Tech 10 finalists will meet for a face-to-face competition to take home a $10,000 prize and bragging rights in the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. The contest is attracts innovators who are inventing the “world’s next generation of musical instruments.” This year’s finalists come from five countries and include The … Read more

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