Personality Not Included

Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity and How Great Brands Get it Back

by Rohit Bhargava, Forward by Guy Kawasaki

Personality Not Included is a powerhouse resource packed with bold new insights that show you how to shed the lifeless armor of your business and rediscover the soul of your brand. Sharing stories from the ethos of the world’s weirdest city, to how Manga has taken the comic book industry by storm, to showcasing brands like Intel, Boeing, ING, and Dyson, Bhargava shows you why personality matters from the inside out.

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"Building brand personality has been a big part of my career. To a large degree, it was unwritten because no one had quite found a way to speak or write tangibly about its importance. Now you’re holding the solution in your hands. Take the lessons here and apply them to your business. Find a way to humanize your brand, use your personality, and take your brand from good to great. The first step is to believe that personality matters. The second is to read this book.”

bestselling author of The Art of the Start, Entrepreneur and Founder of Garage Ventures

“Personality Not Included breaks down the old barriers between marketing, advertising, and PR and shows people how to nail the single objective of it all: creating powerful conversations with your customers and getting them to choose you over the rest.”

Top Blogger and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek

“Filled with powerful insights, yet written like a collection of stories – you don’t see many business books that are this tough to put down. Reading Rohit’s written word is much like hearing him speak at conferences. Read this book – then read it again – it’s that good!”

Founder Experiential Marketing Forum


In the new business era of the twenty first century, great brands and products must evoke a dynamic personality in order to attract passionate customers. Although many organizations hide their personality behind layers of packaged messaging and advertising, social media guru and influencer Rohit Bhargava counters that philosophy and illustrates how successful businesses have redefined themselves in the new customer universe.

In Part One, you’ll be introduced to the key components to building a personality and learn how to:

  • Recognize the greatest myth that most marketers blindly follow, and how to get past it
  • Use the “UAT Filter” to understand the personality of your organization and products in order to develop a communication strategy that drives your marketing.
  • Create your company’s “marketing backstory” using techniques pioneered by Hollywood screenwriters
  • Harness the influence of “accidental spokespeople” and use it to your advantage
  • Navigate the roadblocks of using personality that come from bosses, peers, investors, and lawyers, without getting fired or flamed
  • Pinpoint and capitalize on the moments where personality can make a difference
  • Part Two is packed with guides, tools, and techniques to help you flawlessly implement your plan. It features practical, step-by-step lessons that help you effectively move from theory to action, and includes a valuable collection of guides, checklists, question forms, printable resources, and more.
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Don’t be another faceless company-learn the new rules for succeeding in the social media era with...


  • 2009 Gold Atticus Winner (Highest honor for thought leadership from WPP)
  • “Best Business Book Of 2009” Soundview Selection
  • Translated into 9 languages
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In addition to Non-Obvious Thinking, Rohit is the author of 10 books on trends, the future of business, building a more human brand with storytelling and how to create a more diverse and inclusive world.

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