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Why Amazon Is Filled with Garbage Ebooks and How They Could Fix It

Why Amazon Is Filled With Garbage Ebooks and How They Could Fix It

An article from Vox this week explored why exactly Amazon is filled with so many garbage ebooks, and the answer is infuriatingly straightforward. AI makes it easy to generate content, Amazon makes it too easy to publish large volumes of ebooks with minimal quality standards and effective growth hacker marketing makes it easy to promote these … Read more

Inside the Big Announcement from Author’s Equity and How It Changes Book Publishing

Inside the Big Announcement from Author's Equity and How It Changes Book Publishing

Two of the best-selling non-fiction authors from the past decade have both indicated they will skip the traditional publishing deals and choose to go with new hybrid publishing entity called Authors Equity for their next books. They have also taken a stake in the company. And it’s founded by the former CEO of Penguin Random House. This … Read more

WSJ Just Killed Its Bestseller List. Do These Lists Even Matter Anymore?


Books are an anomaly when it comes to how “bestsellers” are ranked. Movies are judged by their total box office numbers. Music is rated based on listens and album sales cumulatively. By contrast, a bestselling book generally earns that designation after a single great week of sales. Or in the case of an Amazon bestseller, maybe … Read more

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