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Augmented Reality Comes to Sports, Thanks to Wrestlemania


Last weekend The Rock made his return to wrestling and a “new era” for the sport was on display at WWE’s Wrestlemania 40 event. The event itself was largely what fans of the sport probably expected, but the use of augmented reality technology in the broadcast stood out because of how integrated it has become. While other … Read more

Super Bowl Marketing Recap: The Best, Worst and Almost Ok Ads From The Big Game


This year’s Super Bowl Ads cost $7 million – and most are being rated today based on their entertainment value. Not exactly the metric I would pick. Instead, I always look at the year’s ads based on the marketing strategy and whether the creative the team used actually delivered on what they might have hoped … Read more

New RXBands Offer a Secret Stretch Code and a Marketing Case Study

New RXBands Offer A Secret Stretch Code and a Marketing Case Study

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before … a protein bar company launching a discount code promo that only appears once on an exercise band after it’s fully stretched. This clever stunt comes from RXBAR, which is partnering with three Instagram fitness influencers to give away the bands and free prizes too. It’s a fun and … Read more

AI Models Are Finally Getting Adopted in Fantasy Sports

AI Models Are Finally Getting Adopted In Fantasy Sports

The past few months have seen an explosion in people experimenting with Chat GPT to write everything from college essays to resignation letters. The tool has become indispensable for some, helping with search queries, research and answering just about any question. Yet for the many use cases out there, one that seems to be getting surprising … Read more

How Sports Journalism Is the New Battleground for AI

How Sports Journalism Is the New Battleground for AI

Drew Ortiz and Sora Tanaka have two things in common. The first is that they are prolific fun-loving sports writers for the online version of Sports Illustrated magazine. Tanaka’s bio features a fit young Asian woman who “loves to try different foods” while Ortiz enjoys spending weekends “back on his parents’ farm.” The second is that … Read more

The Team That Has Lost 17,000 Times … And Counting

People love an underdog. Unless it’s the Washington Generals. They are the team that have played against the legendary Harlem Globetrotters for more than 50 years. In all that time, they have managed just one win and more than 17,000 losses. Their job is to lose, which creates a pretty fascinating scenario for professional athletes … Read more

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #234

The show where we curate the most interesting and underappreciated stories of the week. On this week’s episode, we’ll be talking about Gucci’s $10,000 virtual dress, the return of the NFL and the entertaining future of fundraising and much more! Stories in this week’s episode: … Read more

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