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Cultural Themes from Apple’s App of the Year Award Finalists

Cultural Themes from Apple's App of the Year Finalists

Apple announced all the finalists for their App of the Year awards and the majority are the sorts of apps you would expect. Image manipulation tools and productivity apps to help you create better images, videos, or content. Buried within the awards announcement, though, is a category that stood out: apps that deliver “Cultural Impact.” The eight … Read more

Do People Vote for Candidates Who Look Like Them?

Candidate ethnicity

There have been several studies in the past that found people tend to prefer going to doctors who share their same ethnic background. This doesn’t seem to be true when it comes to politics, as an interesting article from TIME magazine points out this week by focusing on politicians of Indian origin who are part of the Presidential … Read more

The Blue Pumpkin Debate

Blue pumpkin debate

If you see a child carrying a blue pumpkin this Halloween, consider that they may have autism and be nonverbal or have difficulty communicating or may not be dressed up like other kids. If you have school age kids, teach them what the blue pumpkin means and how to respect any peers they see carrying one. And if you have a child come to your door this Halloween holding one, you’ll know what it means so you can interact with empathy.

SXSW Sydney and a Sneak Peek at the Non-Obvious Podcast

SXSW Sydney 2023_Rohit Bhargava

Next week I’ll be back in Australia speaking at the international edition of SXSW in Sydney.
In addition to doing a Featured Session, I’ll be recording two episodes LIVE from the stage for my upcoming Non-Obvious Show podcast (launching later this year).

How “Blamevertising” Explains The Modern American Healthcare Crisis


The industry trade group that represents the Pharma industry (PhRMA) is running a series of attack ads on “middlemen” – blaming Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) for high drug prices, suggesting they are making record profits by pocketing the discounts they are supposed to negotiate on behalf of patients. In response, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association … Read more

Can Shaming Agencies Create a Talent Rebellion Against “Unworthy” Brands?

A environmental activist group that calls themselves Clean Creatives is “once again calling out ad agencies that have contracts with fossil fuel companies in a series of billboards across New York.” The strategy behind this makes sense: shame creative professionals to pressure them into not taking work with certain companies and create a talent drain. … Read more

Japan’s Solution to Its Labor Crisis? Hire More Workers Over 70​

Most articles you might read about the crisis caused by Japan’s aging population is usually coupled with some mention of the many ways technology is being designed to address the problem through workplace automation or robotic in-home elder care. Now it seems some employers are landing on a surprisingly unexpected solution: hire more workers over 70 … Read more

The Dark Side of “Sharenting” (And Why You Should Avoid Posting About Your Kids On Social Media)

European telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom launched a campaign using deepfakes to scare parents into being more careful about what they share online. The effort is meant to illustrate the dangers of “sharenting” (parents oversharing photos of their kids online). The video showcased is a disturbing imagined future where kids are suffering from identity theft, exploitation and … Read more

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