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Uber Caregiver Is a Golden Opportunity … If They Get It Right

Uber Caregiver Is A Golden Opportunity … If They Get It Right

Earlier this week Uber made an announcement about their future roadmap of offerings and the one getting the most attention is the ability to book a shuttle with friends to attend a concert or some other live event. The announcement that should be getting the most attention was mostly ignored.Uber Caregiver is a new feature of the … Read more

How To Overhaul Presidential Debates? Stop Pretending it’s a Debate.

How To Overhaul Presidential Debates_ Stop Pretending it's a Debate

This past week both political parties agreed to hold a Presidential debate between President Biden and former President Trump. Many observers are already criticizing it as a waste of time and unlikely to change anyone’s mind. They are probably right, but what if they weren’t? The idea of giving the public a chance to hear directly from … Read more

Should All Celebrities Be Advocates?

Should all Celebrities be Advocates

Earlier this month, a campaign on TikTok known as Blockout 2024 was launched as a response to tone-deaf social media posts from celebrities and online influencers about the over-the-top fashion choices from the Met Gala. The movement encourages people to “block all the celebrities, influencers and wealthy socialites who are not using their resources to … Read more

Imagining the Future of Hip Hop and Art in 50 Years

Imagining the Future Of Hip Hop and Art In 50 Years

The day after the Met Gala, the Internet was flooded with deep fakes of celebrities who weren’t there, wearing things they never wore. Some of them were pretty convincing. The future of art, fashion, and music will see all sorts of disruptions in the coming years from technology like this. Where is all of this headed? … Read more

What The New Ban on Non-Competes Actually Means for Companies

Banning noncompetes

This week the FTC issued a rule this week that bans non-compete clauses, estimating that up to 8,500 new startups will be created as a result of the ban. The federal agency describes the downsides of non-competes this way:  “Noncompetes are a widespread and often exploitative practice imposing contractual conditions that prevent workers from taking a … Read more

How Water Flipping, Excess Solar Energy and Shifting Hydropower Stations Show Us the Future Is All About Water

Orange Skies over Athens

The skies were orange above Athens and that was just one of several climate and energy related stories this week that offered a glimpse into stories we will see more frequently in the coming years. The first example is a concerning story of a tiny Arizona town where a private company purchased land and water rights only … Read more

Detroit Rides “Post Bankruptcy Energy” To Become America’s Most Unlikely Boomtown, According to WSJ

Detroit's resurgence

About ten years ago, no one would have said the city of Detroit would be sitting at the perfect crossroads of multiple urban trends. Around then, the city was in the midst of declaring bankruptcy. That moment created a new sense of urgency among those wealthy enough to do something about the future of the … Read more

Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Use Social Media? Inside the #JailTok Movement and Debate

Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Use Social Media

There is legislation under consideration in the UK that would have “harmful content filmed inside prisons removed from social media platforms more quickly.” It stems from a disturbing case where a woman saw a video of her son’s killer rapping from prison and mocking the justice system. There are plenty of other videos on the #jailtok hashtag that show … Read more

Aruba Becomes First Nation to Use the Internet Archive to Back up Their Entire History

Aruba becomes first nation to back up history

The Indigenous population of Aruba was first colonized by the Spanish, and then the Dutch – which has given the Caribbean island a diverse history. As archivist Stacy Argondizzo also explains, “they were one disaster away, basically, from losing everything.” Back in 2018, the Internet Archive first began discussions with the country about helping them preserve … Read more

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