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The Rise of Anti-Vegan Beauty

Anti vegan beauty

The idea of vegan beauty products is undeniably appealing for many people. Products that are sourced without animal byproducts are supposedly more natural, better for the environment and healthier for you. It’s one of the reasons why more than 86% of consumers say that they want more vegan beauty products. Yet in beauty, just like in … Read more

IKEA Organizes Flea Markets Across Europe to Help People Sell Used Items

IKEA Organizes Flea Markets Across Europe To Help People Sell Used Items

This summer, in their ample parking lots across several European cities, IKEA will be hosting weekend flea markets for people to come and sell their used household goods and other items they don’t need anymore. Donations from the day will be used to support vulnerable single-parent families. The effort is designed to underscore the brand’s … Read more

Can Seaweed Mining Become the Next Billion Dollar Industry?

Can Seaweed Mining Become the Next Billion Dollar Industry

A tiny branch of the US Department of Energy focused on high-risk projects just awarded $5 million dollars to three startup ventures that are each independently “investigating whether seaweed can serve as a practical source of critical materials, such as platinum and rhodium, as well as rare earth elements, including neodymium, lanthanum, yttrium, and dysprosium.”  … Read more

How Water Flipping, Excess Solar Energy and Shifting Hydropower Stations Show Us the Future Is All About Water

Orange Skies over Athens

The skies were orange above Athens and that was just one of several climate and energy related stories this week that offered a glimpse into stories we will see more frequently in the coming years. The first example is a concerning story of a tiny Arizona town where a private company purchased land and water rights only … Read more

Playing Happy Reef Sounds Could Bring Coral Reefs Back to Life

Playing Happy Reef Sounds Could Bring Coral Reefs Back To Life

A happy and healthy coral reef has a sound. The various “snaps, groans, grunts and scratches that form the symphony of a healthy ecosystem” are not just a symbol of a thriving reef. Underwater scientists have begun testing using these sounds in areas with degraded reefs and are finding the sounds attract coral larvae to settle. … Read more

Harper Collins Identifies Eco-Friendly Fonts to Save Thousands of Trees and Reduce Paper Usage

Harper Collins identifies Eco-Friendly Font

Every few months there are new sustainability stories of the world’s largest brands trying to create less wasteful packaging. Coca-Cola announced a new lighter bottle design this week and a few months ago began a trial shipping label-free bottles of Sprite. These types of initiatives are common in the packaged food industry, but what if other industries could greenlight … Read more

Barilla and the Marketing Pitfall of the Unnecessary Celebrity Spokesperson

Barilla and the Marketing Pitfall of the Unnecessary Celebrity Spokesperson

Pasta boxes are the perfect packaging to reuse. Pasta leaves no residue, and the boxes are generally large enough to fit other items. That’s clearly the inspiration for a new campaign from Barilla that promotes box reusability in time for Global Recycling Day. The campaign casts tidying guru Marie Kondo as the spokesperson and their campaign video starts … Read more

Will 2024 Be the Year Cities Finally Ditch Parking Minimums?

Will 2024 be the year cities finally ditch parking minimums

What if the one of the biggest reasons for poverty and homelessness in cities wasn’t a lack of money or ballooning health care costs, but rather the longstanding real estate mandate for ample parking spaces? One of the most eye-opening books I considered for our book awards program this year was Paved Paradise, which suggested that … Read more

The Minus Chair Saves the Earth by Cutting Down More Trees?

The Minus Chair

What if you could design furniture that captures more carbon than it emits? That’s the vision behind the Minus Chair, a design award winning new product from Norwegian brand Minus that is rethinking furniture design and selling. Trees only absorb carbon as they grow to maturity. After that, as they deteriorate, they release that carbon back into … Read more

How the Liquid Tree Might Be a Game-Changer for Urban Air Pollution

Liquid tree

“We are not trying to replace trees. We are trying to replace benches.” That’s the clever pitch of a project imagined and created by Serbian scientist Dr. Ivan Spasojevic who invented an urban photo-bioreactor called a “Liquid Tree” which uses a combination of water and microalgae to produce pure oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. As Dr. … Read more

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