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Why People Become Gamers … And How It’s Changing


Fandom recently released the latest edition of their annual Inside Gaming Report where they survey 5,000 “entertainment and gaming fans globally.” The data this year found that the top reason that people play games continues to be to unwind or relieve stress, followed closely by a more surprising motivation: self-expression. Nearly 50% of the gamers surveyed suggested … Read more

Why Amazon Is Filled with Garbage Ebooks and How They Could Fix It

Why Amazon Is Filled With Garbage Ebooks and How They Could Fix It

An article from Vox this week explored why exactly Amazon is filled with so many garbage ebooks, and the answer is infuriatingly straightforward. AI makes it easy to generate content, Amazon makes it too easy to publish large volumes of ebooks with minimal quality standards and effective growth hacker marketing makes it easy to promote these … Read more

Getting Ready For The Dynamic Pricing Future Of All Things

Getting Ready For The Dynamic Pricing Future Of All Things

This week Wendy’s unintentionally stirred up some trouble as headlines popped up online that the fast-food chain was testing “surge pricing” similar to Uber where they would charge more for food when demand was highest. The chain quickly backtracked with the relatively bone-headed explanation that they were actually using it to offer “discounts during slower … Read more

Behind Netflix’s First-Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

Behind Netflix's First Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

The Night Agent was the most popular show globally on Netflix over the past year and 30% of all viewing was non-English programming. 55% of all viewing on Netflix was original titles while the remaining 45% was for licensed content produced by others. These are just a few of the insights you’ll get from Netflix’s newly … Read more

Do People Vote for Candidates Who Look Like Them?

Candidate ethnicity

There have been several studies in the past that found people tend to prefer going to doctors who share their same ethnic background. This doesn’t seem to be true when it comes to politics, as an interesting article from TIME magazine points out this week by focusing on politicians of Indian origin who are part of the Presidential … Read more

The Binge Blanket and More Of The Year’s Best Data Visualizations

The Binge Blanket

Every year the Data Visualization Society considers hundreds of entries to select its Information Is Beautiful Awards Shortlist winners. This year’s honorees include some fascinating entries such as an illustrated explanation of Russia’s deportation of Ukrainians, a digital double infopoem “reflecting on the insanely specific and biased inferences algorithms make about us,” and a graphic … Read more

7-Eleven Japan Tests Palm Scanner to Check If You Are Eating Veggies

Radar speed scanners slow down drivers by showing them how fast they are going. The awareness creates the behavior change. Could the same idea shift how we eat? In Japan, 7-Eleven is testing a Vege-Check palm scanner that “uses reflection spectroscopy to measure carotenoid levels in a person’s skin.” These are the biomarkers that can estimate the amount of … Read more

How To Archive Yourself In the Digital Age

This article helped me consider the value of discarding that archive so I can move beyond the past version of myself that it commemorates. No doubt it is easier to become a better person when your past self isn’t just a resurfaced tweet away.

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