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Marques Brownlee and Walt Mossberg on Trustworthy Tech Reviews


How useful will tech reviews (or any other kind of online review) be in a future where they can increasingly be AI generated? This was a topic tech journalist Kara Swisher focused on in an interview with tech reviewers Walt Mossberg and Marques Brownlee. They are an interesting duo to discuss the topic side by side. … Read more

Soundproof Silk May Transform How We Manage Noise at Home and Work

Early in the pandemic I decided to make a home studio and looked into installing sound panels. Unfortunately, they were generally expensive, bulky and needed professional installation. Researchers from MIT may have developed a solution for this and many other problems with a new noise cancelling silk fabric about the width of a human hair that uses … Read more

The Lost Emotion of “Perfectly Colorized” Old Black & White Photos

The Lost Emotion of Perfectly Colorized Old Black n White Photos

A photographer edited and colorized 30 vintage black and white photos. His intention was to “breathe life into these vintage snapshots, turning monochrome memories into vibrant realities.” Some of the images look strangely AI-generated with the colorizing. Others look fairly good, but the very act of adding color removes some of the intrigue and romance from … Read more

Can Seaweed Mining Become the Next Billion Dollar Industry?

Can Seaweed Mining Become the Next Billion Dollar Industry

A tiny branch of the US Department of Energy focused on high-risk projects just awarded $5 million dollars to three startup ventures that are each independently “investigating whether seaweed can serve as a practical source of critical materials, such as platinum and rhodium, as well as rare earth elements, including neodymium, lanthanum, yttrium, and dysprosium.”  … Read more

What Would You Put In the “Forever Library” to Archive Human Existence for a Billion Years?

What Would You Put In the Forever Library To Archive Human Existence For a Billion Years

Several million years from now when future civilizations or aliens or whatever is around then look back on human existence, at least they will know how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear back in 1983. That’s just one of the archives of humanity that is part of the Galactic Legacy Archive–a library of … Read more

Playing Happy Reef Sounds Could Bring Coral Reefs Back to Life

Playing Happy Reef Sounds Could Bring Coral Reefs Back To Life

A happy and healthy coral reef has a sound. The various “snaps, groans, grunts and scratches that form the symphony of a healthy ecosystem” are not just a symbol of a thriving reef. Underwater scientists have begun testing using these sounds in areas with degraded reefs and are finding the sounds attract coral larvae to settle. … Read more

Augmented Reality Comes to Sports, Thanks to Wrestlemania


Last weekend The Rock made his return to wrestling and a “new era” for the sport was on display at WWE’s Wrestlemania 40 event. The event itself was largely what fans of the sport probably expected, but the use of augmented reality technology in the broadcast stood out because of how integrated it has become. While other … Read more

Aruba Becomes First Nation to Use the Internet Archive to Back up Their Entire History

Aruba becomes first nation to back up history

The Indigenous population of Aruba was first colonized by the Spanish, and then the Dutch – which has given the Caribbean island a diverse history. As archivist Stacy Argondizzo also explains, “they were one disaster away, basically, from losing everything.” Back in 2018, the Internet Archive first began discussions with the country about helping them preserve … Read more

The App That Recreates Social Media’s Dopamine Hits Without Actually Letting You Post Anything

App that recreates social media

One of the irresistible allures of social media has always been the dopamine hit from people engaging with the things that you post. Getting likes feels good. What if you could create that same feeling without the toxic repercussions that come from just posting to chase this engagement? A new app called Palmsy offers an interesting solution – letting … Read more

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is hard emotionally, but the paperwork and procedures involved can make it far worse. A startup called Empathy has made it easier for more than 40 million people and just landed a new round of funding to expand their offering. The need for the tool is clear. Apparently according … Read more

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