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How AI Might Be Getting “Lazier” And What to Do About It


What if you had to “convince” ChatGPT to give you a better or more in-depth answer? Some users are suggesting a “winter break hypothesis” to explain why AI sometimes seems reluctant to do hard work. While the claims are unproven, OpenAI acknowledged the criticism from several users via Twitter and noted that they are “working on … Read more

What You Should Know About Apple’s New Vision Pro Headset

What You Should Know About Apple's New Vision Pro Headset

The early reviews of Apple’s latest flagship metaverse-fueling headset are already mixed. Some say it “lacks polish and purpose” and dismiss it as “spectacular and sad.” More optimistic reviews called it a “revolution in progress” and it is at least delighting financial analysts who already believe it’s a “game changer” when it comes to the … Read more

New Program at Supermarkets Will Use Facial Scanning to Check Age

New Program At Supermarkets Will Use Facial Scanning To Check Age

Welcome to a case study on why facial scanning is a bad idea. Supermarkets in the UK have been experimenting for the past year with technology that estimates the age of shoppers by scanning their faces at checkout. Apparently “Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Co-op have already successfully trialed the technology which allowed anyone that is estimated to … Read more

Genomic Nutrition Is Coming and It’s Going to Be Popular

Genomic Nutrition Is Coming and It's Going to Be Popular

The promise is simple and appealing. Get your genetics tested so that you can optimize the food you eat based on your unique needs. Personalized nutrition is already a billion-dollar industry without much actual personalized science behind it. Imagine what will happen when the genomics start catching up. An early initiative hoping to pave a … Read more

AI Models Are Finally Getting Adopted in Fantasy Sports

AI Models Are Finally Getting Adopted In Fantasy Sports

The past few months have seen an explosion in people experimenting with Chat GPT to write everything from college essays to resignation letters. The tool has become indispensable for some, helping with search queries, research and answering just about any question. Yet for the many use cases out there, one that seems to be getting surprising … Read more

What Really Happens When ChatGPT Writes Your Sales Copy …

What Really Happens When ChatGPT Writes Your Sales Copy

Introducing Glüxkind Rosa: The Future of Parenting. Rosa is not just a stroller; it’s a revolutionary AI-powered companion designed to make parenting effortless and enjoyable. Rosa is essentially a “Fractional Nanny.” Its lightweight design, premium materials, and affordability make it an essential tool for enhancing family adventures. Experience the next generation of parenting with Glüxkind … Read more

Welcome to the Industrial Metaverse … It Might Actually Change Everything

Welcome to the Industrial Metaverse

Most of us know the metaverse as a science-fiction imagined place where might create an avatar and GO to do virtual things. Siemens’ vision for the metaverse is much different, as CEO Dr. Roland Busch noted in a standing-room-only keynote presentation to open CES where he promoted the industrial metaverse as the key to bridging the gap … Read more

The World’s Biggest Tech Trade Show: CES 2024 

Previewing the World's Biggest Tech Trade Show CES 2024

Coming back to work last week, my inbox was filled with pitches about products, technologies, and innovations that are launching at CES this week. I was honored to be invited as an Innovation Award Judge this year and I’m here covering the show and working on my usual recap of the most non-obvious stories I find. Already some of … Read more

Waze Launches New Danger Zone Alert to Tell You If You’re Entering an Accident-Prone Area

Waze accident-prone zones

I admit I’m not generally a fan of Waze for driving directions. I find the constant alerts and questions asking if an area is still a speed trap (for example) to be quite distracting. Their latest innovation, though, could change my opinion. Using the vast data stores they and parent company Google have access to, … Read more

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