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Should All Celebrities Be Advocates?

Should all Celebrities be Advocates

Earlier this month, a campaign on TikTok known as Blockout 2024 was launched as a response to tone-deaf social media posts from celebrities and online influencers about the over-the-top fashion choices from the Met Gala. The movement encourages people to “block all the celebrities, influencers and wealthy socialites who are not using their resources to … Read more

Imagining the Future of Hip Hop and Art in 50 Years

Imagining the Future Of Hip Hop and Art In 50 Years

The day after the Met Gala, the Internet was flooded with deep fakes of celebrities who weren’t there, wearing things they never wore. Some of them were pretty convincing. The future of art, fashion, and music will see all sorts of disruptions in the coming years from technology like this. Where is all of this headed? … Read more

How Netflix Solves Content Overload with the Entertainment Industry’s Best User Interface Design

How Netflix Solves Content Overload with the Entertainment Industry's Best User Interface Design

How does a company that offers more than a billion hours of programming make it less intimidating to find something to watch? This is a problem Netflix has been working on for well over a decade. In a rare behind-the-scenes interview, Fast Company shared a Q&A with Netflix VP of design Steve Johnson about how exactly Netflix … Read more

Mickey Mouse Enters the Public Domain … Here’s What It Means

Mickey Mouse Enters The Public Domain

The first big meme of the year is Mickey Mouse finally entering the public domain, which means creators can use the iconic Disney character to create their own projects. Or does it? As this video explains, there is a difference between a character that is copyrighted and one that has a trademark. Not to mention there … Read more

Behind Netflix’s First-Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

Behind Netflix's First Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

The Night Agent was the most popular show globally on Netflix over the past year and 30% of all viewing was non-English programming. 55% of all viewing on Netflix was original titles while the remaining 45% was for licensed content produced by others. These are just a few of the insights you’ll get from Netflix’s newly … Read more

SXSW Sydney and a Sneak Peek at the Non-Obvious Podcast

SXSW Sydney 2023_Rohit Bhargava

Next week I’ll be back in Australia speaking at the international edition of SXSW in Sydney.
In addition to doing a Featured Session, I’ll be recording two episodes LIVE from the stage for my upcoming Non-Obvious Show podcast (launching later this year).

New Reality Show Deep Fake Love May Unleash a Lot of New Problems into The World

Netflix’s latest reality show Deep Fake Love is portraying a dark potential future. The concept is simple and diabolical: a bunch of couples go on a reality show where they are separated and told to live in villas surrounded by hot single people. Then, every week they have to watch videos of their partners seeming to hook up with others. … Read more

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