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Do You Have the Right to Recline in a Crowded Airplane Economy Seat?

Do You Have the Right To Recline In A Crowded Airplane Economy Seat

Seat reclining does not improve your leg room. That’s just one of the underappreciated truths about airplane seats that seems like it needs to be said repeatedly out loud for traveler’s benefit as we head into the busy Spring and Summer travel seasons. If you have suffered through having an unexpectedly reclined seat shoved toward … Read more

How Bad News Might Be Making Us Worse Humans

How Bad News Might Be Making Us Worse Humans

We might all be getting addicted to bad news. I was thinking about this point as I considered my own reactions to two other disturbing stories I read this week. The first was about an outbreak of measles in a Broward County Florida school where 11 kids were unvaccinated and over 100 may now be at risk. The … Read more

The Gen Z Gender Divide

A New Global Gender Divide Is Emerging For The First Time Ever

For all the research and articles you might have read about the habits and beliefs from one generation to the next, one assumption has remained surprisingly unquestioned: both men and women from any particular generation share a similar mindset. What separates Boomers from Millennials may be extreme but that shift applies relatively equally to anyone … Read more

How the “TikTok Voice” Could Help You Be a Better Communicator

How the TikTok Voice Could Help You Be A Better Communicator

Uptalk. It’s the vocal quirk that makes every sentence sound like a question and it’s something you are regularly taught to avoid. It’s also a key element in the “TikTok voice,” a vocal style adopted mainly by female influencers that some linguists believe might signal the future of English. Uptalk has been criticized because it seems to indicate … Read more

Behind Netflix’s First-Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

Behind Netflix's First Ever Big Data Release and What We Watched In 2023

The Night Agent was the most popular show globally on Netflix over the past year and 30% of all viewing was non-English programming. 55% of all viewing on Netflix was original titles while the remaining 45% was for licensed content produced by others. These are just a few of the insights you’ll get from Netflix’s newly … Read more

15 Non-Obvious Holiday Gifts To Buy This Black Friday

Today is Black Friday, a day that has earned a negative reputation as an unnecessary celebration of excess consumerism. Economists predict consumers will be in a bargain hunting mindset this season, ready to overspend on cheap stuff they don’t really need. Still, this season does bring many once-a-year prices for gifts for yourself and others. In this special … Read more

The Dark Side of “Sharenting” (And Why You Should Avoid Posting About Your Kids On Social Media)

European telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom launched a campaign using deepfakes to scare parents into being more careful about what they share online. The effort is meant to illustrate the dangers of “sharenting” (parents oversharing photos of their kids online). The video showcased is a disturbing imagined future where kids are suffering from identity theft, exploitation and … Read more

Will Humans Inevitably Turn Faith in AI Into a Religion?

Imagine a future where AI was all-knowing and all-understanding. These are abilities humans have typically ascribed to Gods worthy of worship. Soon, they may also be among the feature set of artificial intelligence. An article in The Walrus takes this possible future to it’s extreme – asking whether there may come a time when AI itself is worshipped … Read more

Extreme Pride in Being American Remains Near Record Low

A new Gallup poll released just in time for the 4th of July leads with the eye-catching headline that extreme pride in being American is at a record low. As often is the case with sensational headline summaries like this, the true insight of the poll is buried further in the results. First of all, while … Read more

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