Always Eat Left Handed

15 Surprising Secrets for Killing it at Work and in Real Life

by Rohit Bhargava

A human, entertaining and irreverent look at what it really takes to succeed in today’s world … based on the stories and experiences of five time best selling author and internationally recognized keynote speaker Rohit Bhargava.

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always eat left handed

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Readers are Saying

"Building brand personality has been a big part of my career. To a large degree, it was unwritten because no one had quite found a way to speak or write tangibly about its importance. Now you’re holding the solution in your hands. Take the lessons here and apply them to your business. Find a way to humanize your brand, use your personality, and take your brand from good to great. The first step is to believe that personality matters. The second is to read this book.”

bestselling author of The Art of the Start, Entrepreneur and Founder of Garage Ventures

“Personality Not Included breaks down the old barriers between marketing, advertising, and PR and shows people how to nail the single objective of it all: creating powerful conversations with your customers and getting them to choose you over the rest.”

Top Blogger and #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek

“Filled with powerful insights, yet written like a collection of stories – you don’t see many business books that are this tough to put down. Reading Rohit’s written word is much like hearing him speak at conferences. Read this book – then read it again – it’s that good!”

Founder Experiential Marketing Forum

Always Eat Left Handed is a 

"Help-Self" Book

for people surrounded by obvious advice.

Always Eat Left-Handed is an entertainingly irreverent help-self book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava filled with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you.

  • Start smoking?
  • Be a cross-dresser?
  • Procrastinate more?
  • Make people cry?
  • Learn to yodel?

Reading just a few of these “secrets,” you might wonder if this book is serious. Indeed, it is.

Through a bite-size collection of 15 quirky and insightful stories told in a highly readable non-boring style, you’ll learn how to:

  • Think faster on your feet when things go wrong
  • Be the type of person everyone wants to work with
  • Get better at starting (and ending) conversations
  • Find resilience after failure without losing optimism
  • Stand out by being the most approachable person in any room

For anyone sick of hearing you should do what you love, take more risks and make mistakes, this empowering book is like a desperately needed pair of noise-canceling headphones for uselessly obvious advice. Instead, Always Eat Left Handed offers a real world, no-nonsense playbook for getting ahead in school, work and life by doing exactly the opposite of what most people tell you. Starting, of course, with eating left handed.

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#1 WSJ & USA Today Bestselling Author

Rohit is the author of 9 books on trends, the future of business, building a more human brand with storytelling and how to create a more diverse and inclusive world.


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