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Aruba Becomes First Nation to Use the Internet Archive to Back up Their Entire History

Aruba becomes first nation to back up history

The Indigenous population of Aruba was first colonized by the Spanish, and then the Dutch – which has given the Caribbean island a diverse history. As archivist Stacy Argondizzo also explains, “they were one disaster away, basically, from losing everything.” Back in 2018, the Internet Archive first began discussions with the country about helping them preserve … Read more

The App That Recreates Social Media’s Dopamine Hits Without Actually Letting You Post Anything

App that recreates social media

One of the irresistible allures of social media has always been the dopamine hit from people engaging with the things that you post. Getting likes feels good. What if you could create that same feeling without the toxic repercussions that come from just posting to chase this engagement? A new app called Palmsy offers an interesting solution – letting … Read more

AXA’s New Foresight Report Offers 100 Reasons to Love the Future


There are plenty of futurists who will offer you a list of all the ways the world can go wrong, and things could be worse. Against that backdrop, this timely report from AXA Insurance’s foresight team offers 100 Reasons to Love the Future (PDF Download Link). The beautifully designed report covers everything from growing youth involvement in … Read more

Harper Collins Identifies Eco-Friendly Fonts to Save Thousands of Trees and Reduce Paper Usage

Harper Collins identifies Eco-Friendly Font

Every few months there are new sustainability stories of the world’s largest brands trying to create less wasteful packaging. Coca-Cola announced a new lighter bottle design this week and a few months ago began a trial shipping label-free bottles of Sprite. These types of initiatives are common in the packaged food industry, but what if other industries could greenlight … Read more

What The “Bridesmaid Burnout” Tells Us About the Future of Friendship

Bridesmaid Burnou

Back in early Fall of 2023, Glamour magazine launched a series of articles on the topic of “bridesmaid burnout.” Inspired by the spiraling demands of time, money and emotional labor heaped upon bridesmaids, the series collected advice on everything from asking about financial expectations to how to decline being a bridesmaid without killing your friendship. Are modern bridesmaids unwilling to just … Read more

Facebook Brought Back the “Poke” Button … Here’s Why So Many People Started Using It Again

Facebook Brought Back the Poke Button

About a decade ago in a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg once wrote “we thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpose.” He was describing the much-ridiculed Facebook “Poke” button which was retired but now may be making a bit of a comeback. The thing people simultaneously loved and hated about it was … Read more

If Anyone Can Explain The “Weight Loss Revolution” … It Might Be Oprah

Oprah Can Explain The Weight Loss Revolution

The “meta-narrative” of Oprah’s legendary media career has been her weight loss and body image. As a result, she may be the perfect ambassador to explain the impact weight-loss drugs are having on the story of obesity in America and beyond. Should these drugs be considered medical treatment for a condition (obesity) that should be … Read more

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is hard emotionally, but the paperwork and procedures involved can make it far worse. A startup called Empathy has made it easier for more than 40 million people and just landed a new round of funding to expand their offering. The need for the tool is clear. Apparently according … Read more

The Rise of Antinatalism

The Rise of Antinatalism

There is a growing movement of people who believe that having children is unethical—which is known as antinatalism. A feature in Harper’s magazine this week explores what may be a growing number of people looking at all the “polycrisis” in the world and deciding that the logical conclusion is to advocate for bringing no more children into the … Read more

Inside the Big Announcement from Author’s Equity and How It Changes Book Publishing

Inside the Big Announcement from Author's Equity and How It Changes Book Publishing

Two of the best-selling non-fiction authors from the past decade have both indicated they will skip the traditional publishing deals and choose to go with new hybrid publishing entity called Authors Equity for their next books. They have also taken a stake in the company. And it’s founded by the former CEO of Penguin Random House. This … Read more

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