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How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

The future of entertainment will be driven by more immersive experiences. This week, there was a story about how the Meta Quest VR headset will be accessible by passengers on long haul flights. The possibilities to tie this into tourism, destinations and the overall travel experience are vast. Also this week, Airbnb has been getting some attention … Read more

Imagining the Future of Hip Hop and Art in 50 Years

Imagining the Future Of Hip Hop and Art In 50 Years

The day after the Met Gala, the Internet was flooded with deep fakes of celebrities who weren’t there, wearing things they never wore. Some of them were pretty convincing. The future of art, fashion, and music will see all sorts of disruptions in the coming years from technology like this. Where is all of this headed? … Read more

AI Startups Are Too Power Hungry, But Scientists Are Working on A Solution

AI energy impact

In aviation, most people know that a huge portion of the costs in that industry come from paying for fuel. Recent projections are that it will account for more than 30% of the overall expenses for most airlines. When it comes to AI startups, investors and industry watchers are starting to get a similar picture of just … Read more

Reid Hoffman Interviews an AI Cloned Version of Himself to See How Good It Really Is

Reid Hoffman Interviews An AI Cloned Version Of Himself To See How Good It Really Is

When you are a notoriously geeky tech billionaire, having an AI clone of yourself built and trained on all your books and public videos and then interviewing yourself probably seems like a good idea. Netflix founder Reid Hoffman just did that and started by asking his clone to summarize one of his books in the fictional Star … Read more

AI Disproportionately Affects Women. We All Need to Fight Back.

AI Beauty Pageant

This week, the “world’s first Miss AI” digital beauty contest was announced with $5000 prize awarded based on beauty and skill using AI tools. One tech expert predicted that the AI girlfriend industry could hit $1B in revenue soon despite multiple reports of how the creators of these digital companions may be hoarding your private data. While these issues could … Read more

Augmented Reality Comes to Sports, Thanks to Wrestlemania


Last weekend The Rock made his return to wrestling and a “new era” for the sport was on display at WWE’s Wrestlemania 40 event. The event itself was largely what fans of the sport probably expected, but the use of augmented reality technology in the broadcast stood out because of how integrated it has become. While other … Read more

What’s Wrong with God Chatbots? Inside the AI Future of Religion

What's Wrong With God Chatbots

Nearly every faith now has several chatbots trained on religious texts and designed by technologists with the ambitious belief that these could make religion more approachable and accessible for a new generation. An article from this month’s Scientific American magazine notes that in addition to allowing anyone to seek spiritual guidance from bots that promise to offer … Read more

The Good and Bad of Planning Your Next Trip Using AI Travel Tools

The Good and Bad of Planning Your Next Trip Using AI Travel Tools

The promise is appealing. Just put your desired holiday destination into an AI travel planning tool and it can quickly generate a sample itinerary with all the must-visit sights from a certain destination. Yet as one journalist found when doing a test of AI as a trip planning assistant, there are some pretty big tradeoffs you’ll … Read more

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

This Bereavement Startup Shows the Hopeful Human Potential of AI

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is hard emotionally, but the paperwork and procedures involved can make it far worse. A startup called Empathy has made it easier for more than 40 million people and just landed a new round of funding to expand their offering. The need for the tool is clear. Apparently according … Read more

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