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How Sports Journalism Is the New Battleground for AI

How Sports Journalism Is the New Battleground for AI

Drew Ortiz and Sora Tanaka have two things in common. The first is that they are prolific fun-loving sports writers for the online version of Sports Illustrated magazine. Tanaka’s bio features a fit young Asian woman who “loves to try different foods” while Ortiz enjoys spending weekends “back on his parents’ farm.” The second is that … Read more

Leica Pioneers the Anti-AI Camera That Fights Deepfakes by Certifying Every Picture

Leica Anti-AI Camera

This week, German camera maker Leica introduced their new M11-P professional camera, which includes new digital watermarking technology that allows the camera to digitally verify that an image has not been manipulated and even track its future use. The tech is built using standards set by the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), an initiative built by Adobe as … Read more

Doritos Creates AI That Silences the Sounds of Crunching While Gaming

Doritos crunch-canceling technology

Listening to someone crunchily eating Doritos is probably high on many lists of annoying behavior but imagine how much worse it must be to listen to the crunching in a headset while playing against a Dorito-eating opponent in a video game. In a beautiful example of knowing their audience, Doritos commissioned an AI company to quantify … Read more

Is AI Creating More Monoculturalism?

Is AI Creating More Monoculturalism

The opposite of multiculturalism is monoculturalism – a society in which there is only one acceptable religion, mindset or system of behavior. Academic researchers around the world have warned against the dangers of monoculturalism for years, from the “thick” national identity of Bulgarians to political shifts in Malaysia. In the world of agriculture, monoculture (also … Read more

New Reality Show Deep Fake Love May Unleash a Lot of New Problems into The World

Netflix’s latest reality show Deep Fake Love is portraying a dark potential future. The concept is simple and diabolical: a bunch of couples go on a reality show where they are separated and told to live in villas surrounded by hot single people. Then, every week they have to watch videos of their partners seeming to hook up with others. … Read more

Korean Pop Star Releases Latest Song in Six Languages Using AI

What if AI could serve as a linguistics coach for a talented musician? That’s essentially what K-pop music label HYBE created using technology from AI startup Supertone to help singer MIDNATT release his latest single simultaneously in six languages —Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese. Most significantly, each language version isn’t AI-generated. Instead AI tools helped … Read more

The Dark Side of “Sharenting” (And Why You Should Avoid Posting About Your Kids On Social Media)

European telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom launched a campaign using deepfakes to scare parents into being more careful about what they share online. The effort is meant to illustrate the dangers of “sharenting” (parents oversharing photos of their kids online). The video showcased is a disturbing imagined future where kids are suffering from identity theft, exploitation and … Read more

Will Humans Inevitably Turn Faith in AI Into a Religion?

Imagine a future where AI was all-knowing and all-understanding. These are abilities humans have typically ascribed to Gods worthy of worship. Soon, they may also be among the feature set of artificial intelligence. An article in The Walrus takes this possible future to it’s extreme – asking whether there may come a time when AI itself is worshipped … Read more

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