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France Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps That Smell Like Fresh Baguettes

France Creates Scratch-and-Sniff Stamps That Smell Like Fresh Baguettes

Just in time for the feast of Saint-Honoré, a day honoring the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, La Poste in France released a limited edition set of scratch-and-sniff stamps featuring a baguette wrapped in the national colors of the French flag. The effect was achieved through “microcapsules of fragrance embedded in ink” and … Read more

How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

How Airbnb “Icons” Illustrate the Future of Immersive Entertainment

The future of entertainment will be driven by more immersive experiences. This week, there was a story about how the Meta Quest VR headset will be accessible by passengers on long haul flights. The possibilities to tie this into tourism, destinations and the overall travel experience are vast. Also this week, Airbnb has been getting some attention … Read more

Why Industrial Tourism Is One of the Fastest Growing Trends in Travel

Industrial Tourism

Portugal is one of several countries investing big into industrial tourism – a term that describes experiences where travelers can visit factories to see how products get made. Of course, vineyards and liquor distilleries along with many food manufacturers have long offered this sort of experience. But Portugal is taking it one step further. In São João da Madeira, … Read more

The New Luxury Airline for Dogs Called BarkAir Is Not a Joke, It’s a Brilliant Marketing Stunt

First Class Dog

Apparently it has been a dream of dogfood subscription brand BarkBox for more than a decade to create an airline dedicated to flying dogs and their human companions around the world. Now they are making it a reality through a partnership with private jet charter company Talon Air and the way they are doing it is … Read more

The Good and Bad of Planning Your Next Trip Using AI Travel Tools

The Good and Bad of Planning Your Next Trip Using AI Travel Tools

The promise is appealing. Just put your desired holiday destination into an AI travel planning tool and it can quickly generate a sample itinerary with all the must-visit sights from a certain destination. Yet as one journalist found when doing a test of AI as a trip planning assistant, there are some pretty big tradeoffs you’ll … Read more

Do You Have the Right to Recline in a Crowded Airplane Economy Seat?

Do You Have the Right To Recline In A Crowded Airplane Economy Seat

Seat reclining does not improve your leg room. That’s just one of the underappreciated truths about airplane seats that seems like it needs to be said repeatedly out loud for traveler’s benefit as we head into the busy Spring and Summer travel seasons. If you have suffered through having an unexpectedly reclined seat shoved toward … Read more

Mapping Apps Are Getting “Smarter” … That Might Not Be Good News

Mapping Apps Are Getting Smarter

Waze announced several “improvements” this week including the ability to warn you about emergency vehicles ahead, warnings for sharp turns coming up and alert you about which lane you should be in as you enter a roundabout. In other words, they have launched features to help distract drivers who are paying attention to the road to look … Read more

Why “Made in Dubai” Will Be the Next Global Brand

Why Made in Dubai Will Be The Next Global Brand

Dubai has an ambitious plan to become a global brand, and it starts with hospitality. The emirate already brings in nearly twice the tourist spending of London, hosts world-class events and is home to what many consider the world’s best airline in Emirates. Dubai’s ruling sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid, also launched his Dubai Economic Agenda which … Read more

How Obesity Drugs Are Creating a “Seismic” Shift in the Travel Industry

How Obesity Drugs Are Creating a Seismic Shift in the Travel Industry

As more people are taking GLP-1 drugs to lose dramatic amounts of weight, the implications for travel are definitely more than what you’re imagining … or what the industry is ready for. Yes, restaurants will be impacted as people eat and order less food. But TSA may run into challenges as people no longer look like their … Read more

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