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3 Reasons SMO is Taking Off

Social Media Optimization has been hitting the big time at several recent events on web marketing including a session entirely devoted to SMO at the recent SES Chicago conference last week and discussion of SMO at the recent Vegas Pubcon WebMaster conference.  I was reading Lee Odden’s recap of the session that featured many smart … Read more

Using YouTube to Launch a Global Movement: The Story of Free Hugs

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz The rise of phenomenally viral videos on YouTube is happening every day now, ranging from the silly to the funny.  Recently I came across the Free Hugs video posted above on YouTube less than two months ago … Read more

Find Your Organization's Social Media Score

John Bell, founder of our 360 Digital Influence group here at Ogilvy has a great post on his blog about helping organizations understand how to approach social media as part of their overall marketing communications efforts.  This is a question we are often asked by clients who see all the movement around them, but also … Read more

The Best College Admissions Website Ever?

After reading a post on one my favourite marketing blogs, Ypulse – I was recently pointed to the George Mason University admissions website, MasonMetro which struck me as one of the best examples I have seen of connecting with high school students in a memorable way and encouraging them to consider applying.  Contrary to the … Read more

Dove's Evolution of Beauty Campaign Goes Viral on YouTube

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, earning praise from people in the advertising world, as well as from real consumers for representing something different to the typical fashion advertising.  By focusing on the distorted perception of beauty that much of the fashion industry is … Read more

The Dark Side of Social Media And 5 Ways to Avoid It

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz PR blogs have been on fire the past week debating the Walmart blog fiasco with Edelman at the helm.  Some have taken a subtle delight in Edelman’s failure (see comments on Richard’s response post), while others have … Read more

Intel's "Living Without Boundaries" Stunt Catches Fire

Earlier this week I posted about the Intel Second Life campaign that were working on with Millions of Us.  The campaign will come to a close tomorrow morning at 8am sharp with a scripted finale that you won’t want to miss.  Along the way, Versu has awakened the imagination of not just loads of Second … Read more

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