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Aquafina Asks Consumers to Film their New Year's Resolution

Along with the new year comes the new year’s resolution, and marketers tired annual attempts to make their own products and services a part of that resolution.  But the best resolutions are the easiest to keep, and what could be easier than the universal piece of dieting advice almost every "guru" offers … drink more … Read more

The New US Airways Missed WOM Opportunity

As part of the merger between US Airways and America West airlines announced in November last year (2005), they had an intriguing new decision to make about the beverage brands that they served on their flights.  America West had Pepsi and Budweiser, US Airways had Coke and Miller.  Over the past decade, both brands in … Read more

The Perfect Handbag

For a woman, the perfect handbag is an illusion worth chasing.  Handbags are not functionality, they are an expression of style and personality.  As a result, they are almost sacred.  From my numerous voluntary (and involuntary) discussions on the subject with many women, I have uncovered that there are five brands of handbags that are … Read more

The Word of Blog

Imagine if online media outlets only ran advertising that they agreed with?  Of course, this level of censorship would never be tolerated (or legal), however blogs hold a special distinction when it comes to running advertising.  As a blog owner, you have complete control over what ads you display.  Unfortunately, the most prevalent form of … Read more

Starwood Launches a Katrina Online Relief Auction

I recently came across a great travel/advocacy campaign sponsored by Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide (up from October 20-27).  Taking the idea of donating your frequent flier miles to the next stage, the site features an online auction with more than 800 travel related items including a "Carolina Getaway with tickets to a pro football … Read more

The New Game of TV Marketing

A rising trend with the coming fall lineup for US TV networks is the desire and necessity to make shows more interactive.  Though the leap of making all show content available online seems a stretch for most shows (FOX’s Reunion being a notable exception), legions of shows are using non-traditional ways to deepen their relationships … Read more

Word of Mouth Marketing is not just Buzz

Whenever I describe the power of word of mouth marketing for clients, I’m careful to avoid putting the term "buzz" in the same sentence.  While creating a buzz is important and is certainly a component of word of mouth marketing, it also hints of transcience.  What constitutes buzz today can often be gone tomorrow.  Movie … Read more


Yesterday was Blog Day 2005, a day when blogger Nir Ofir suggested everyone post a recommendation of 5 new Blogs (preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude).  Looking at the list of posts about Blog Day, it was fascinating how far the idea travelled, from Ofir’s original posting on June … Read more

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