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Guest Post: Facebook Jumping the Shark

and of course Cory Doctorow in an Information Week article: Columnist Cory Doctorow describes how Facebook and other social networks have built-in self-destructs: They make it easy for you to be found by the people you’re looking to avoid. It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but inevitably Facebook will experience a … Read more

Guest Post: What's In a Name?

By Nedra Weinreich I’m honored to have been invited to join the illustrious cast of bloggers here filling in. Congratulations to Rohit and his family on the birth of Jaiden Kumar! What a beautiful name. I’ve been thinking about names a lot lately. Many would say that names are destiny. What you are called shapes … Read more

Why the Future of Online Advertising is About Identity

[ Cross-posting from Internet Evolution ] Facebook’s recent push for "social advertising" is one of the biggest topics of discussion in the advertising industry this year. It’s interesting that such a potentially disruptive idea is coming from somebody other than Google  (Nasdaq: GOOG). The move essentially creates a model for "microadvertising" within Facebook where you … Read more

Guest Post: Is Word of Mouth a Discipline or Just a Channel?

by John Bell Rohit has invited a handful of folks to post on his blog while he manages his true key influencers – family (including the newest member!). It only seems fitting that each of us post on what we care about most. In my case, that’s word of mouth marketing. My team uses digital … Read more

Guest Post: The Art & Science of Story

By Kevin DuganStory telling has made me a better communicator. It’s even driven my latest impulse purchase. Even the discovery of the Romulus and Remus Grotto provides a timely example of the power of story. Rome was founded by Romulus. He, along with his twin brother Remus, was nursed by a wolf (Oy, Freud would … Read more

Guest Post: Creativity 2.E

The Evolution of Creativity is Underway.  Which Side Are You On?By David Armano Are you a Planner who thinks about design?  Maybe you are a designer who obsesses about the business impact of your designs.  Or you might be an Information Architect who thinks about motion, transitions, multimedia, and uses tools like storyboarding and visual … Read more

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