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Twiangulate Lets You Follow Your Followers' Followers

IMB_Twiangulate1 Let me go on the record to say that if you happen to be a vendor of some type of social networking solution or software that would be useful for an agency like Ogilvy, hands down one of your most effective methods of advertising has to be to target the Ogilvy network on Facebook with a customized ad. I have seen several ads like this for solutions and find myself always clicking on them – not because they say Ogilvy but because I presume that someone has done their homework and identified that whatever they are promoting is particularly relevant for someone who works at an agency like ours. So I'll give the the benefit of the doubt and click further. That's how I found Twiangulate.

Though I could just as easily have gotten an email from Henry about it, the fact that the ads were properly targeted already tells you something about the thinking about creating and promoting the site. Recently a few influential folks whose opinions I respect, like Sree Sreenivasan also profiled the site and talked about their own experience of finding it highly useful. So that initial ad coupled with the validation that comes from seeing someone in my network using it was enough to get me to try the site … and now I'm hooked. I've tried lots of similar Twitter-Finding-Following-Ranking type applications. They always seem to spit out a number or list at the end with relatively little context and everything is ranked by volume. More Twitter followers equals a higher influence in general.

IMB_Twiangulate2 Twiangulate (a brilliantly named site) is from the folks behind BlogAds, and features similar smarts to help make simple sense of a big problem … who you should actually care about reading on Twitter. It's not a sexy site, just as BlogAds isn't – but there are at least three reasons why you'll love Twiangulate:

  1. Uses the most common sense metric for influence. In life, as the saying goes, it's not who you know but who knows you. Twiangulate uses this principle to help you find out how influential someone's follower base is. If they command a large number of followers who have high influence, chances are they will to. This is a page from Google's book about how they rank web pages as well, but for some reason has been notably missing from many Twitter apps designed to help judge influence.
  2. Designed to spotlight intersections. It's not hard to find a list of the top marketers on Twitter, or the top fashion bloggers, but it can be tough to narrow down the list of bloggers who also talk often about fashion. You can do it with Twiangulate if can find one Twitter username for each category and then just highlight the people they commonly follow. Finally you have a way to find new people on Twitter that doesn't rely either on their username or them putting an accurate description into their bio.
  3. Lets you focus on the small too. As Sree noted in his piece, there is much insight you can gain by looking at the opposite end of the spectrum for Twitter followers … who are the followers with the lowest influence that those with the highest follow. This method would likely help you uncover people like Kim Kardashian's aunt, who have relatively small accounts but may be important to the influencers you might be interested in reaching as a marketer.

Chances are I'll uncover a few more interesting ways that the site could be used to help find the most interesting and influential people to pay attention to on Twitter. In the meantime, good luck doing your own twiangulating!

5 thoughts on “Twiangulate Lets You Follow Your Followers' Followers”

  1. Thanks for pointing this site out. While I’m not a fan of their name as you are, I am a fan of their offering. I think this is certainly an under served market. I like how they took a play right from Google’s playbook and are using it to their advantage now.


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