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What Do YOU Want On Fridays? (A Live Poll)

So today is the last Friday before many people in the US head out for a holiday (including myself) and over that time I am planning to make some changes to the content of this blog – followed by a long overdue design overhaul early next year. As part of that, my aim is to accomplish three major goals:

1. Blog more frequently
2. Share more useful content (worthy of bookmarking or sharing)
3. Feature more work and thinking from other smart people I respect (including readers like you!)

As the first part of this – I’m going to add an element of consistency to the Influential Marketing blog on Fridays. There are two concepts I am considering, and on this Friday I would love your help to decide which one you find more compelling. Here’s a live poll where you can vote, and feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have more thoughts to share:

13 thoughts on “What Do YOU Want On Fridays? (A Live Poll)”

  1. Hi Rohit, I think this would enhance the power of this blog, I have voted for the second option, I also had a look at the conversation between you and Chris Brogan yesterday on one of the twitter lists which I follow and thats where you had mentioned to take steps to blog more consistently.
    Wish you all the best and keep sharing insightful posts on marketing.

    Happy Holidays !!

  2. hi rohit – came here through your LinkedIn question. i guess i should have voted “other” because i would like to start witht the question but then invite a conversation about the question.

  3. I went for the first option because that’s something new, option two is definitely available elsewhere. Also you’d be able to crowdsource ‘Questions that matter’. Everyone would be interested in getting a poll on things that matter to them.

  4. I think you should do a Friday Funday! where you highlight something fun and entertaining from the world of mktg. By friday, I’m too tired to read long blog posts and I’m just looking for a quick inspirational fix.


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  6. Hi Rohit, I voted #2 but think that involving others from the community to “recommend” or “request” interviewees (people and topics) would be great. You could uses polls and discussions to ask your readers who in the world of business and marketing they want you to interview and about which topics.

    FYI, I look forward to presenting with you in February on the “Integrated Marketing” panel at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego:


  7. I would like to feature more work of experts, readers (me if I am a frequent visitor) it appears a little unclear among the commentators. Think I am with Erik too that mixture #2 and #3 would be useful, who started that hash tag thing.

  8. I would like to see more features or work of experts or readers (me if I am a frequent visitor) it appears a little unclear among the commentators as to a general consensus.

    Think I am with Erik that mixture #2 and #3 would be useful, who started that hash tag thing. My final answer is #2.


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