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The Carnival of Marketing – Call for Submissions

One of the more popular blogs on marketing and PR today is Media Orchard.  Scott’s "Pick of the Orchard" are very useful daily posts on the top five or so marketing and PR related links worth reading online.  Piers does the same thing on marketing news and trends on both PSFK and Marktd.  Every once in a while, a post of mine makes it on one or both of these sites – and generates some great traffic.  This week is my turn to host the Carnival of Marketing, a related effort to highlight the best of the marketing blogosphere launched by Noah Kagan.  The Carnival has a different host blog each week and each week up to 7 posts are chosen by the host of the week to be highlighted throughout the week.  My picks will be posted on July 2nd, and I will probably do an update in the middle of the week to follow up.  Anyone who has posted on a marketing-related topic in the past week is welcome to submit their ideas, and  I have already started receiving some good submissions.  If you have a great post you’d like to try and get included, email me the link at rohitaustralia[at] anytime this week – or the email address Noah lists on the Carnival of Marketing description page linked above. 

What will I be looking for?  Smart marketing ideas that go beyond simple reports of what’s out there.  Ideally, I would love to use my week of hosting the Carnival to also locate and help publicize a few new blogs that I hadn’t heard of or visited before.  I consider reading marketing blogs my best source of new information, ideas and strategies.  As this global conversation about marketing continues to grow on blogs, more sources for aggregating information will emerge.  Hopefully the Carnival of Marketing will be only one of many ways that marketers can add their voices to the discussion, make new connections with one another, and share some of the best ideas.  I invite you to join the Carnival of Marketing this week on Influential Interactive Marketing.

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  1. I am a fledgling blogger, with a little over 6 months of experience. Could you take a look at my Blog and give me some tips? I also work at The Walton Group, a public relations firm in Utah Valley. Which is why I am writing the blog, my boss, Linda Walton thought it would be a good way to get her more than 20 years of PR experience out on the net for more peope to benefit from. Right now most of the content is mine.


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