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SBF: 3 Ways To Kill And Reinvent Your About Page

As a marketer, I am fond of analytics. When it comes to the web, though, one thing I realize is that it is easy to have way too many of them and not really know which to focus on. Some of the most tantalizing metrics, for example, like number of impressions don't usually tell you as much as something more obscure, such as how long someone spent on your site and your top "exit page" – that is, the page that someone looked at last before leaving your site. Among those hidden metrics are the amount of people who visit your site and end up quite rapidly on your About Us page.

This is the page that introduces your company and in my experience also tends to be one of the most neglected pages on company websites. It is easy to think that this wouldn't really matter much, but when you look at your analytics and page visits, you will probably be surprised to discover just how many people end up on that page. Actually, if you paid attention to your own web browsing, you wouldn't be that surprised at all. See, we all want to know who we are dealing with. We seek to know and understand the backstory of a company, as I have often called it. The backstory matters, and it is not just your analytics or number of visits to your About Us page that prove that.

There are many ways to improve the backstory of your organization, but the one I will focus on today is how to reinvent your About Us page to be a better introduction to your company. The following are three tips on how you can make that page really do its job and sell the promise of your company and why a customer might want to work with you:

  1. Create better and more human writing. Marketing writing is easy. All you have to do is use lots of words that seem like they feel "professional" and talk about your products or services in the abstract sense. The problem with that kind of writing is that it is too detached. No one responds to marketing writing. The writing they do respond to, though, is the kind of writing you watch on TV or in the movies. Screenwriting. So to make your About Us page better, you need to think like a screenwriter. This means that you write in a style of something you might actually say out loud. The best marketing writing is written to be said, not to be read. So give it a try, and then use the simple test of reading it out loud. If it sounds strange or unnatural, change it.
  2. Use video to share your personality. Once you improve the writing on your about page, you might realize that it could be even more powerful to share an introduction to your company over a video. This could be a video of the founder, or a series of interviews with employees or even with your customers. Don't worry if the thought of online video seems to complicated to do yourself … there are a host of companies like who can help you create a video to sell your business for a very reasonable price.
  3. Leverage slide presentations you already have. If a video seems out of reach for budget or other reasons, you might also try to create a slide presentation to sell your business. Depending on the type of business you do, this might even be something that you already have in Powerpoint that you use when you make sales calls in person. By using a site like Slideshare, you can now upload that presentation and embed it into your homepage with just a bit of cutting and pasting. The benefit is that you can tell your story in a more visual and logical way, and perhaps even open the door to sales without all the effort. With Slideshare's new lead generation feature, you can even measure the leads that your slideshow brings into your business.

Finally, for an example of a great About Us page, check out this page from Poken.

NOTE: This post is part of Small Business Friday (SBF) – a weekly feature on this blog to share marketing ideas for small businesses and was originally published on the Amex Open Forum site.

5 thoughts on “SBF: 3 Ways To Kill And Reinvent Your About Page”

  1. Another great company to use for web videos for SMBs is Pixability ( ) – a well-known Boston company. They send you a camera with great instruction, you make your video, send it back, and they will professionally edit it for you. Unlike some other outfits, they use video editors in US who have strong backgrounds in the craft. Other shops tend to send it to Philippines and other locations.

    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the company. I just know the founder.

  2. My only caveat to the video suggestion is that if you’re going to use a service like Pixability, consider learning some basic audio and lighting techniques, and try to edit (storyboard) on paper beforehand so that the poor editing team isn’t stuck with 20 hours of scrap. But, by all means, yes, be bold and get in front of the camera.

  3. Poken seems to be a rather miserable example for your article. Doesn’t touch two of your three points. No caps … a couple minor typos. Didn’t make me want to see what they were all about in the slightest.

  4. Hi Rohit,

    I am actually struggling with this issue for a client as we speak. You offered some really great tips in this post that I will definitely be suggesting.

    We have suggested that said client uses video to introduce themselves, just as you stated above. A video makes a personal connection with potential consumers in a way that writing cannot. The humanness of a video impacts consumers a great deal, from my experience.

    Thank you for such an insightful post!

    Lauren Switzer


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