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Winning The PNI Best Interview Prize (With Personality): Jonny Goldstein!

Votejonnybig_2 If you are a consistent reader of this blog, you know that about 10 days ago I launched an effort to do lots of virtual book interviews by email and got 55 bloggers to take me up on the offer. I ran a contest of all those interviews to find the best one, as voted by the readers of this blog … and I’m pleased to report that after 846 total votes, Jonny Goldstein from Jonny’s Par-tay is the winner with 293 votes. Jonny will be getting his signed copy of PNI as well as an Amazon Gift Certificate for $100 from me this week – congratulations Jonny!  As I promised, the other top four finishers out of the 12 finalists will also get a signed copy of the book.  Here’s a list of the top five finishers:

  1. Jonny Goldstein (293 votes)
  2. Linda Sherman  (163 votes)
  3. Connie Bensen (117 votes)
  4. Todd Andrlik (54 votes)
  5. Bruce Reyes-Chow (51 votes)

Finally, there was a write-in category where anyone could submit a choice for one of the other interviewers who were not originally among the top 12 finalists. The winner of that contest was Ross Hill with 32 votes. If you recall, Ross was the one who didn’t get his responses from me in time so I did add a special link to his interview in my post and I know that may have given him a few extra votes – so I’m also going to give a signed copy to the second place finisher in the "Other" category, Josef Katz (who finished with 22 votes).

Thanks to all the interviewers and bloggers for taking part in this book launch experiment … I would have to qualify it as a big success simply because of all the buzz and coverage, as well as the first real chance I had to start to use some of the techniques in the book. As Jonny Goldstein so perfectly said at the end of his blog post sharing his secrets after realizing he had won … "I infused my personality into my campaign efforts, and it worked." It does work, and kudos to Jonny for getting that for a competition like this that was the ultimate secret to winning.

4 thoughts on “Winning The PNI Best Interview Prize (With Personality): Jonny Goldstein!”

  1. Thanks for the great conversation Rohit! Your marketing approach was incredible. And thank you for choosing my questions in your vote off. I’m very excited to receive an autographed copy! (I had to let Johnny win – with a face like that – you can see why, right?!! 😉 ).

    I have an autographed copy of Now is Gone too. You guys rock! I’ll have to get out to DC in the near future!


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