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Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Train, Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Strategy and Barbie Focusing On Inclusion | Non-Obvious Insights 02.14.19

  • Why Jose Cuervo Wins With Its All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train
    The temptation to create a “Strategic Spectacle” is popular for brands desperately chasing experiential marketing. Usually it leads to short term thinking and limited results. Not for Jose Cuervo, though, as their popular unlimited tequila train has been running for over 7 years. That is what commitment to an idea looks like. Too bad we don’t see it more often.
  • Meet The Algorithm That Might Help Solve Cyber-Bullying … 
    If artificial intelligence can proactively work to sell us things, it should also be able to predict negative behavior online – and perhaps even help to prevent it. That’s the idea behind this new tool that aims to automatically protect people from cyberbullying. 
  • Solving Climate Change By Brewing Coffee Without Beans
    Though I usually drink my coffee black, there are many who use milk and sugar to mask the bitter taste. Now a group of entrepreneurs has launched a Kickstarter for their inventive new coffee that is brewed without using the beans to create a less bitter (and more environmentally friendly) coffee alternative. 
  • Why 800 Numbers Are Getting Their Own Robocalls
    A story like this is satisfying because those robocallers get a taste of their own medicine, yet what fascinated me most about this story was the inventive ways that some people develop to skim micro-revenue off the top of transactions. It might be evil and karma might finally be evening the score, but you have to appreciate their dark creativity. 
  • Kim Kardashian’s Clever Plan To Make Paparazzi Irrelevant
    If you are Kim Kardashian, you don’t quietly suffer the paparazzi … you attack their business model. So she hired her own photographer to take and upload them for anyone to use freely without having to pay licensing fees. It’s a wonderfully smart way to take back control of your own likeness while also beating an industry that badly deserves to lose. 
  • Barbie Gets More Inclusive With Wheelchair and Prosthetic Limb
    Toys are small things, literally and figuratively, but when a major manufacturer takes a big stand for inclusiveness like this, it deserves a little celebration. Do I think wheelchair Barbie changes the world? I’m not sure, but at least now she has a chance to try … along with any other little boy or girl who sees themselves in her. 


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