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Interruption Marketing 2.0 – How Engagement Can Be The New Dirty Word Of Marketing

IMB_HBOEntourage The renaissance of marketing over the last decade has generally left certain things behind. We no longer count on loud billboards or long print ads, for example, to tell our story in a way that people will actually read. TV, while still important, is now a smaller part of the marketing mix. The art of marketing as an interruption has been rejected by brands in all industries, as the new holy grail has become engagement.

Unfortunately, in our world of ever present devices, constant alerts and multiplatform experiences – real time engagement has become a new a form of interruption, keeping us from truly enjoying a moment.

At the Mashable Connect conference last week, a hot topic was the future of social TV. As executives for SyFy, Bravo, and ESPN shared their views on how to make their shows more immersive – Sabrina Calouri from HBO shared the interesting learning from her audience that their programming was a "lean back experience."

Her point was that sometimes to be completely immersed in an experience, we just need to sit back and experience it. Then you can build social engagement tools around the community that wants to relive and discuss that experience afterwards.

The most profound lessons here that far too few marketing teams understand is that sometimes the most engaging social media strategy can be to just shut up and let someone enjoy the show.

7 thoughts on “Interruption Marketing 2.0 – How Engagement Can Be The New Dirty Word Of Marketing”

  1. I have come to hate the advertising at the beginning of any video on YouTube or VEVO. I’ve also been seeing a lot of on air advertising on the shows and movies themselves. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this moving forward.

  2. I agree, wholeheartedly. While I often find myself surfing the web on my laptop while watching the news or a movie on TV, I find I miss moments and do not enjoy the experience as much.

    I now put the laptop aside and curl up under my favorite blanket for the shows and movies I enjoy. The internet will still be there after they are over if I want to chat about them or find out more.

  3. Great article and great advice! Let’s build a community around what is already there, already exist. Listen to the vibe of the community and go from there!

    This article makes us think about this real time marketing!


    RM – InBoundMarketingPR

  4. I completely agree, great post! As someone who focuses on Inbound Marketing, I have seen that consumers are more interested in seeking information on their own time than being interrupted and bombarded with ads. I agree with the point that social engagement tools can be built and utilized for the community that wants to relive their experience or find more information.

    We’ve put together a list of ways to utilize inbound marketing, and you can find it here: Hope you enjoy!

  5. As a marketer whose career has been half in the old “push” paradigm and half in the world of the internet I find myself longing for focused, long-form one-way communication even as I embrace the excitement of many-to-many social media communication.

    The challenge, if you want long-form one way focused attention from the audience is to give them compelling content that draws such attention. Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad focused on Detroit was one such successful execution, for me.


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