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How Obesity Drugs Are Creating a “Seismic” Shift in the Travel Industry

How Obesity Drugs Are Creating a Seismic Shift in the Travel Industry

As more people are taking GLP-1 drugs to lose dramatic amounts of weight, the implications for travel are definitely more than what you’re imagining … or what the industry is ready for. Yes, restaurants will be impacted as people eat and order less food. But TSA may run into challenges as people no longer look like their … Read more

Waze Launches New Danger Zone Alert to Tell You If You’re Entering an Accident-Prone Area

Waze accident-prone zones

I admit I’m not generally a fan of Waze for driving directions. I find the constant alerts and questions asking if an area is still a speed trap (for example) to be quite distracting. Their latest innovation, though, could change my opinion. Using the vast data stores they and parent company Google have access to, … Read more

The Las Vegas Sphere Could “Change Live Entertainment Forever”

LV Sphere

I don’t often buy into the cringe-worthy hyperbole you often get from press releases, but the opening of The Sphere in Las Vegas might not be exaggerating (much). The Sphere is a huge dome structure covered by LED lights and large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside. The opening show is a new live set … Read more

SXSW Sydney and a Sneak Peek at the Non-Obvious Podcast

SXSW Sydney 2023_Rohit Bhargava

Next week I’ll be back in Australia speaking at the international edition of SXSW in Sydney.
In addition to doing a Featured Session, I’ll be recording two episodes LIVE from the stage for my upcoming Non-Obvious Show podcast (launching later this year).

The Subscription-Fueled Future of Car “Ownership”

Last year, Mercedes launched a feature in their electric cars that would allow drivers to pay $60 per month for an “Acceleration Increase” that would boost their car’s acceleration speed by 1 second when going from zero to sixty. BMW announced (and quickly abandoned) their wildly unpopular idea of charging car owners $18 per month to … Read more

12 Wild Stories from a Nightlife Concierge in Ibiza

An alternate title for this article could easily have been: “Ibiza: Where Rich Assholes Go to Party.” That’s the impression you’ll pretty immediately have as you start reading these stories from a writer who spent just a week working as a concierge managing wealthy client demands at a top resort in “Ibitha” – as it’s often pronounced … Read more

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