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What If Award Winning Ads from Cannes Became Open Source for Anyone to Use?

What If Award Winning Ads From Cannes Became Open Source

This week is the Cannes Creative Festival and so there are plenty of the usual healthy jokes about Cannes being a yacht-party fueled satire of itself. Criticism aside, awards have always been meaningful to celebrate great work and motivate creative people … but the problem is that in past years most Cannes award-winning campaigns quickly seem … Read more

Meet Tupperware: The Slowing Fading Brand That Should Have Won the Nostalgia Trend


Tupperware parties were a thing; once so iconic that they symbolized an entire cultural movement of work-from-home (mostly) female entrepreneurs in a time when opportunities for women to run and own their own businesses were rare. Today the company is in rapid decline and the public shift away from plastic food containers is only one reason for it. A … Read more

The Disturbing Truth About How Trader Joe’s Sources New Products

The truth about Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s doesn’t seem like an evil brand. Their personality-driven backstory offers an irresistible underdog mentality that drives rabid brand fans who celebrate every new product arrival. Unfortunately, a story released this week reveals that many of their ethnic private label products may be blatantly stolen knock-offs of product ideas from small brands who had been negotiating with TJs before … Read more

Why the Key to Bringing Traditional Medicine Back Might Be Better Branding

Why The Key To Bringing Traditional Medicine Back Might Be Better Branding

Yes, this headline and the article it references are a conclusion that only a marketer could make. But it does have a point about how people react to beautiful branding in the health and wellness space. Mari Acupuncture Clinic engaged an agency to reimagine all their branding the result is absolutely stunning. It is easy to imagine a … Read more

The Truth About Paid Reviews Might Not Be What You Think

The Truth About Paid Reviews Might Not Be What You Think

I have paid for a book review. Most authors have too, in one way or another. If this fact shocks you, then you might enjoy a piece from Wired that digs into the misunderstood world of paid reviews and why it has become so prevalent across books, movies, hotels and just about any other experience that you can read … Read more

New RXBands Offer a Secret Stretch Code and a Marketing Case Study

New RXBands Offer A Secret Stretch Code and a Marketing Case Study

Here’s something you probably haven’t seen before … a protein bar company launching a discount code promo that only appears once on an exercise band after it’s fully stretched. This clever stunt comes from RXBAR, which is partnering with three Instagram fitness influencers to give away the bands and free prizes too. It’s a fun and … Read more

What Really Happens When ChatGPT Writes Your Sales Copy …

What Really Happens When ChatGPT Writes Your Sales Copy

Introducing Glüxkind Rosa: The Future of Parenting. Rosa is not just a stroller; it’s a revolutionary AI-powered companion designed to make parenting effortless and enjoyable. Rosa is essentially a “Fractional Nanny.” Its lightweight design, premium materials, and affordability make it an essential tool for enhancing family adventures. Experience the next generation of parenting with Glüxkind … Read more

Mickey Mouse Enters the Public Domain … Here’s What It Means

Mickey Mouse Enters The Public Domain

The first big meme of the year is Mickey Mouse finally entering the public domain, which means creators can use the iconic Disney character to create their own projects. Or does it? As this video explains, there is a difference between a character that is copyrighted and one that has a trademark. Not to mention there … Read more

The World’s Hottest Pepper Will Never Succeed for This Reason

Pepper X

A list of the world’s hottest peppers before 2023 includes some scary names. The Carolina Reaper. The Ghost Pepper. The Trinidad Scorpion. The Infinity Chili. Those are respectable, intimidating names for peppers that can melt your face starting with your taste buds. Apparently this year for the first time since 2017, there is a new pepper that … Read more

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