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bloggoggle: Directory of Blogging Professionals

I came across the beta for this site today, an interesting effort to merge the best qualities from a site like Squidoo (letting individuals share their expertise) and LinkedIn (letting individuals network with one another).  The interesting angle on this site is that it focuses very narrowly on the niche of professionals who have their own blogs. As any blogger will tell you, the thirst for recognition drives much of our blogging efforts.  For bloggoggle, the price of entry is that you have your own blog, and as the site grows – the rating tool will allow blogs that are within this circle to be rated by peers. It’s this little bit of difference that makes this effort unique. True, inbound links are a good barometer for success – but wouldn’t it be powerful if readers could just vote on how useful they found various sites?  It seems to be that it won’t be long before a service like the one offered by bloggoggle is snapped up by a mega-blog indexer like Technorati. I just hope they migrate over the databases so I don’t have to join again …

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