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10 Truths of Marketing in a Web2.0 World

Imb_innotechlogo I am in Austin today participating in the eMarketing Summit as part of the Innotech Conference.  I had the chance to do a lunch keynote presentation following Allen Olivo of Yahoo – focused on marketing in a Web2.0 world.  The presentation had a great crowd of engaged people and most (surprisingly) managed to stay awake despite my excellent spot right after lunch.  Below is the presentation I gave at the event, and I am told there will be a podcast of the presentation with audio synched with slides online in the next day or two so I will share the link for that as soon as I have it.

Update (10/15/07) – Read a Dutch Translation of this presentation from Enthousiasmeren

13 thoughts on “10 Truths of Marketing in a Web2.0 World”

  1. Great presentation Rohit. I really agree with you on points 2, 4, 8, 9 & 10.

    Tying that all in is the challenge. Relative content that is authentic but not necessarily a marketing pitch that appeals to your target market. Personally, I believe that goes back the the Cluetrain manifesto, because the companies themselves can’t generate a message or conversation like that themselves. Only the brand enthusiasts and clients of the said company can. A lot of people say that you can influence the message, to me the best influence would be no influence at all. The worth of the story from the client is so much more valuable if it is genuine and uninfluenced.

  2. Hey – can you provide a link to your powerpoint presentation (the .ppt file itself)? It’s really hard to see the details on SlideShare because it’s so small.


  3. jon, if you go to SlideShare (follow the link on the presentation above) and click “full” on the slide show, it’ll come up full screen.

    Great presentation – the ideas got me over a couple of hurdles when I pitched a social media marketing to my boss yesterday. Thanks.

  4. Rohit- Enjoyed the presentation! I really like the “de-emphasis” on blogging as the be all to end all. At the Social Media Club meeting last night at Intel headquarters in Santa Clara, I had some interesting discussions with other companies about getting blogging started. I encouraged them to consider going directly to the “end game”- building a community. I truly believe that it would behoove companies considering jumping into the social media game to leapfrog.

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