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Viral Video: What if Microsoft Packaged The iPod?

In a very funny (and cautionary) video showing the dangers of overthinking product packaging – the following video is worth watching for any marketer who has had input into packaging, written copy for marketing materials, or just loves a good old fashioned lesson in common sense.  The choice of music from The Hudsucker Proxy – a classic movie about the inherent stupidity of business and marketing is a perfect match for the video.  It uses the older packaging, but the moral is still relevant today.  I don’t usually just repost video, but this is too good.

Update (07/25/07): Thanks to Vincenzo and Joe for pointing out that this parody was actually created by an internal Microsoft team.  What a great way to fight an internal battle to simplify packaging!  Now we just need every lawyer that has ever forced marketers to compromise on language or add needless disclaimers to watch this …

(Via Branding Digest)

7 thoughts on “Viral Video: What if Microsoft Packaged The iPod?”

  1. Loved the video…by the way, the music is from “Pee Wee’s Great Adventure,” not “The Hudsucker Proxy.” Otherwise, great post!


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