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The Invisibility Shield Can Help You Actually Disappear … Now Available on Kickstarter

Hiding during a game of paintball. Doing a magic trick. Avoiding detection by real-life spyware. These are just a few of the potential uses for a new invisibility shield 2.0 that’s taking pre-orders on Kickstarter right now. This “portable cloaking device” works by bending light around you.

The more scientific explanation is “the lenses diffuse the ambient light that’s reflected by your body across the entire front surface of the Shield. That said, the lenses also diffuse the light reflected by the user’s background across the whole front. Because the user is much narrower than their background, the light from their body is essentially drowned out by the light from the background.” Got it? In addition to the mini 3ft by 2ft version (currently $68), they also have the “Megashield” which is 6 ft by 4ft and runs nearly $900.

This might seem like a fun, but relatively unnecessary diversion. There could be some fascinating applications of it, though. Imagine how it could offer more creativity for experiential retail or new staging options as part of live theater productions. And it’s probably going to allow lots more scary moments at haunted houses. What else could someone do with this sort of invisibility shield? Hit reply and let me know your best ideas! 

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