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European PR Congress: Managing Brand Reputation Presentation

I am in Kyiv, Ukraine today presenting at the European PR Congress on reputation management. It’s an interesting topic in the digital age, raising the greater question of who really owns a corporate reputation. I’m looking forward to hearing a more international perspective from other speakers at the event and will be sharing some lessons from my experience in the Digital Influence group about managing corporate reputation and what factors brands need to watch out for. Below is a sneak peek at the presentation I’ll be giving in about an hour.

3 thoughts on “European PR Congress: Managing Brand Reputation Presentation”

  1. Rohit, thank you very much for your presentation at the Congress. The feedback we are receiving is extremely positive – both, digital PR pros and novices appreciated your speech very much.

    I’d also like to thank you for participating in the workshop on CEO’s online visibility, your comments added lots of value to the discussion, and the international perspective helped us get a different view of the subject.

    We’ll keep reading your blog!


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