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CES Extreme Event: Notes From the Vomit Comet

_mg_6098_2 One of the big themes for Intel’s effort at CES this year is the extreme.  Extreme computing and extreme gaming.  There is a big truck in the Central Plaza where gamers can check out new superfast systems, play games, and win a chance to go on a Zero G flight operated by a company called Go Zero G.  This is the same flight that they used to film the weightless scenes with Tom Hanks and other actors from Apollo 13, and the weightless training flights that the astronauts take.  So this morning, Intel took 35 people, including contest winners from 6 different countries up on an extreme Zero G experience.  I’m part of the team – and just uploaded a full collection of images to Flickr and was Twittering updates throughout the day. 

Want to know if the "vomit comet" lived up to its name?  Check out the photo collection


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