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Non-Obvious Megatrends Is Coming To India!

The Indian edition of Non-Obvious Megatrends is coming December 10th! I will be working with the team at Penguin Random House India to launch the book in India, with an all-new Foreword and updated new design. Learn more and order your copy here >> This updated edition features endorsements from business legend Ram Charan, @inktalks Founder Lakshmi … Read more

Watch Netflix Content Faster or Slower on Your Mobile Device

I spend a lot of time writing my books. For Non-Obvious Megatrends, my team of editors and I went through fourteen rounds of editing and obsessed over every word in every section to share the insights as succinctly as possible without losing the nuance of all the research we had amassed from ten years of … Read more

Coca-Cola Imagines the Future of Refreshment with “Coca-Cola Coffee”

I spent four years in a place that acclimatizes you to believe there is nothing strange about having a Diet Coke for Breakfast. I’m speaking, of course, of my time living in Atlanta doing an Undergraduate degree at Emory University which is sometimes known, thanks to it’s large endowment from the brand, as “Coca-Cola University.” … Read more

Why CES Going Digital Is A Big Deal

By now, events going digital is not really big news – so you might wonder why I’m singling out this week’s announcement from CES. When the world’s largest tech conference goes virtual, that’s a different magnitude. More importantly, the announcement coming six months before the event will offer plenty of runway for every exhibitor and participant … Read more

The $0 Box Office Hit, a Virtual Summit on Book Marketing and How To Explore a Buried City | Non-Obvious Insights #223

For the past few weeks, I’ve been recording a series of interviews with some of the most successful people in the world of publishing. On July 8th, I will be hosting my own Non-Obvious Virtual Summit on Book Marketing entirely for FREE (see more details below). Register for the Virtual Summit NOW >> Aside from the summit, … Read more

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #218

It’s been a busy week with my last night’s inaugural edition of my new Non-Obvious Virtual Summit which focused on the Future of Learning (watch the replay here). And a double header today with a SXSW Session virtual keynote at Noon EST, followed by another episode of my new Non-Obvious Insights Show (video below). There are some good … Read more

Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #217

There is a little bit of everything in this week’s email, from robotic dogs enforcing social distancing to jazz hands replacing handshakes. Last week I also started a video show to share my thoughts on these stories as well as giving you an inside look at some of the stories that didn’t make it into … Read more

The Non-Obvious Insights Show – Episode #216

After writing my weekly email newsletter for just over four years, one of the questions I’m most often asked about is the stories that didn’t make it into my newsletter. I spend hours every week reading and compiling the most fascinating stories to include – but I usually only share around six stories. What about … Read more

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