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How Netflix Solves Content Overload with the Entertainment Industry’s Best User Interface Design

How Netflix Solves Content Overload with the Entertainment Industry's Best User Interface Design

How does a company that offers more than a billion hours of programming make it less intimidating to find something to watch? This is a problem Netflix has been working on for well over a decade. In a rare behind-the-scenes interview, Fast Company shared a Q&A with Netflix VP of design Steve Johnson about how exactly Netflix … Read more

Mickey Mouse Enters the Public Domain … Here’s What It Means

Mickey Mouse Enters The Public Domain

The first big meme of the year is Mickey Mouse finally entering the public domain, which means creators can use the iconic Disney character to create their own projects. Or does it? As this video explains, there is a difference between a character that is copyrighted and one that has a trademark. Not to mention there … Read more

New Wiggles Documentary Offers Up Exactly the Radical Optimism the World Needs Right Now

Wiggles premiere

They say meeting your heroes never ends well. But they have never met the Wiggles. This week at SXSW Sydney I was able to attend the world premiere of a new documentary called “Hot Potato” which tells the story of the unlikely rise of the renowned children’s entertainment group and rock band, The Wiggles. During the pre-show … Read more

SXSW Sydney and a Sneak Peek at the Non-Obvious Podcast

SXSW Sydney 2023_Rohit Bhargava

Next week I’ll be back in Australia speaking at the international edition of SXSW in Sydney.
In addition to doing a Featured Session, I’ll be recording two episodes LIVE from the stage for my upcoming Non-Obvious Show podcast (launching later this year).

Why Barbie Isn’t the Biggest Movie Marketing Story This Week

This week every marketing publication is talking about the movie marketing for Barbie, celebrating their “dizzying array of partnerships” and all the memes, parodies and brand collabs. Many of them mention, but minimize, the importance of two significant facts: Of course, there are many ways to squander a huge marketing budget, but given the built-in advantages … Read more

5 Non-Obvious Megatrends Changing Our World In 2020

For the past ten years I have gone through an annual ritual of publishing a book about trends that describe our shifting culture and business environment. Over the past decade, my team and I have identified and written about well over 100 trends covering everything from the rise of the #metoo movement (a trend we … Read more

Why Do Critics Hate Movies That Real People Love?

The Queen-inspired film Bohemian Rhapsody film was poorly rated by critics, yet became a big box office hit. Earlier this year, the same thing happened to Hugh Jackman’s The Greatest Show musical film about the life of PT Barnum. Why are critics so out of touch with what real people like? And why do we love the … Read more

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