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The Remarkable History of Acid Blotters

LSD is significantly more potent than most other drugs, lacks taste, color or odor and is too strong to consume “raw.” All these facts mean it has usually been mixed with something before it’s distributed. From injecting it into sugar cubes to creating digestible tablets, “carrier mediums” have always been a critical part of LSD distribution for decades. Perhaps the most unique medium was blotter paper, a historical quirk that offers the inspiration for a new book titled Blotters: The Untold Story of an Acid Medium by Erik Davis.

Blotter papers, infused with LSD and perforated into small stamps for easy transportation and consumption were a widespread counterculture symbol in the 70s. From Mickey Mouse to blue unicorns, the different blotter designs offer a nostalgic look back at a time when the LSD and psychedelics movement was just starting in the US. Decades later, Davis observes that they have become popular collectible contraband:

“Like chocolate bars with their grid of grooves, blotter asks to be fondled, torn and crumbled, nibbled. But like coins or stamps or show flyers, it also has the feel of ephemera you might want to hold onto for a while.”

Right now, we are seeing a resurgence in experimentation with psychedelics after decades of stalled research and government bans. As this interest grows, this “untold” story of blotter paper offers a fascinating reminder of just how far people were willing to go to have their transformative experiences.

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