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The Corporate Social Media Summit – All Brand Pros And No Fluff

IMB_CorpSocialMediaSummit There is a fraternity of communicators at big brands who are pushing their organizations into adopt more social media, and it is a growing list. Our team is often part of their struggle, and we try to play the role of adviser and cheerleader as they fight the internal battles to do new and more engaging work. As many experiences as we get to have, though, there is no real substitute for the lessons that social media evangelists within large organizations can share with one another. When brand marketers get together to talk about social media then real learning usually happens.

On June 15th and 16th in New York City, we are proudly participating in the Corporate Social Media Summit in New York – a gathering of some of the best minds in making social media work within organizations. Here is a list of nearly 20 of the all-corporate lineup of speakers who are already confirmed for the event:

  • Whole Foods Market – Bill Tolany – Head of Social Media
  • Adidas – Chris Barbour – Head of Digital Marketing, adidas Originals
  • PepsiCo – Josh Karpf – Senior Manager, Digital Media Communications
  • Amy Powell – Head of Interactive Marketing and Social Media – Paramount Pictures
  • McDonald’s – Heather Oldani – Director, US Communications
  • Nokia – Molly Schonthal – Head of Social Media, North America
  • General Motors – Connie Burke – Communications Manager
  • Intuit – Kira Wampler – Social Marketing Leader, Small Business Division
  • Dell – Caroline Dietz – Social Media and Communities Representative
  • Citi – Paul Butcher – Head of Digital Media
  • Johnson & Johnson – Robert Halper – Director, Video Communications
  • Siemens – Stefan Heeke – Director of Online Marketing
  • Intel – Suzanne Fallender – Director of CSR Strategy and Communications
  • Samsung – Esteban Contreras – Social Media Manager
  • Mars – Lisa Foley – Social Media Manager
  • Marriott International – John Wolf – Senior Director, Public Relations
  • The Rainforest Alliance – Jennifer Bass Vogel – Communications Manager, US and Canada
  • The World Bank – Nicole Frost – Head of Social Media
  • Virgin Mobile USA – Lisa D’Aromando – Social Media and Communications Associate
  • Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence – Rohit Bhargava – SVP Digital Strategy

This is not your usual social media event, and for any of our clients looking to learn real social media lessons from brand marketers who are actively doing it right now – this is one of the best events of the year. Better yet, Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence group will be part of the event as I will be moderating one of the panels on employee engagement, as well as running a unique crowdsourced conclusion session at the conference designed to make sure that all attendees leave with an actionable plan to use the information they learn about at the event in their own day jobs.

If you want to register for the event, we have organized a SPECIAL DISCOUNT OF $500 OFF . Just use the code “OGILVY100” by April 16th and you will get an extra $500 off registration fees. I hope you’ll be able to join us for what will be a very unique event!

Note: This blog post was originally posted on the Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence Blog.

4 thoughts on “The Corporate Social Media Summit – All Brand Pros And No Fluff”

  1. I noticed that there is a dead registration link at the bottom of…

    Secondly, I have been to these type of events in the past and my one gripe is the overlapping of programs. I understand why this is done there are concurrent programs going on, to make sure attendees have something they want to see at any given time and to increase the number of offerings over a relatively short amount of time, but what if I wanted to see all of the program offerings?

    Or am I incorrect and there is no program overlapping? Also, are there breakdown meetings after each presentation where people with further questions can meet in a more intimate setting?

  2. Hi Alessandro,

    I’m organising this conference. There is no program overlapping in this case – if you want to see every session, you can.

    We will have extensive Q&A time during each session (30m+), and whilst we won’t have a specific room set aside for breakdown meetings, the exhibition area will have tables and chairs for informal further discussion if needed.

    Does that answer your questions?

    Any further comments/questions, feel free to get in touch on



  3. Definitely more business and especially B2B businesses should put their efforts on increasing their social media presence to engage and produce more according to their goals and objectives there. Always remind that a proper plan will give you the guidelines to go about that! I´d like to recommend business owners to join the conversations at


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