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3 Reasons Super Bowl Ads Failed, And 3 That Worked

Most marketing blogs the day after the Super Bowl are sharing the same disappointment at the ads and how universally average they were. Meanwhile, some of the best campaigns of the Super Bowl season were efforts launched online or that had a significant online component, but the fact remains that many Super Bowl ads simply … Read more

Welcome Jaiden Kumar Bhargava!

Warning: this post is not about marketing.  Well, it is sort of about branding.  We welcomed Jaiden Kumar Bhargava, our second baby, into the world yesterday at 2:18pm.  Labor and delivery went very quickly, everyone’s good and we’ll all be heading home from the hospital tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for their emails and wall posts … Read more

I might be wrong, but …

Living in DC, one of the things that you become very used to is the qualifying statement.  A huge number of people in this town are either lawyers, politicians or aspiring politicians.  For any of these professions, it doesn’t pay to get caught in absolutes.  No matter what you believe, every statement must be qualified … Read more

Fear Marketing

In the mail yesterday I came across a direct mail piece for with the warning "more hurricanes predicted" – aiming to convince me to waterproof my home.  I can only hope that this piece was created before recent tragedies and not a deliberate attempt to cash in on the misfortune of others.  But it … Read more

Using Procrastination

Waiting until the last minute for anything is a way of life, one that is instilled in each of us through our many years of education — elementary through university.  Sure, it would be smarter to do things ahead of time, plan things out … but when it comes to school work, and eventually, "real" … Read more

Who wants to be an Interactive Marketer?

In a MarketingVox piece posted today, Jennifer Nastu explores the relative importance and respect offered to interactive marketing professionals in both the marketing world, as well as in "mainstream agencies."  I work at a mainstream agency right now.  I have worked in pure interactive agencies in the past.  The question is, has a rise in … Read more

Shari Needs Our Help

Shari Kurzrok, a friend and colleague of mine is in need of an immediate liver transplant over the next few days or else she will die.  Please help by visiting the blog we set up for her at and spreading the word across the PR and Advertising community and beyond.  Excerpt from the blog: … Read more

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