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The Rise of Anti-Vegan Beauty

Anti vegan beauty

The idea of vegan beauty products is undeniably appealing for many people. Products that are sourced without animal byproducts are supposedly more natural, better for the environment and healthier for you. It’s one of the reasons why more than 86% of consumers say that they want more vegan beauty products. Yet in beauty, just like in … Read more

If Anyone Can Explain The “Weight Loss Revolution” … It Might Be Oprah

Oprah Can Explain The Weight Loss Revolution

The “meta-narrative” of Oprah’s legendary media career has been her weight loss and body image. As a result, she may be the perfect ambassador to explain the impact weight-loss drugs are having on the story of obesity in America and beyond. Should these drugs be considered medical treatment for a condition (obesity) that should be … Read more

Is It Possible to Be Too Beautiful?

Too Beautiful

What if being beautiful or athletically gifted isn’t as great as most people think? It is true that being good looking is often linked to getting opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have and this so-called “pretty privilege” often results in gifts, special access and even better career opportunities. Similarly, those who excel at sports are often socially popular … Read more

“Brotox” and the Men’s Cosmetic Procedure Boom

The cheek implant was the fastest-growing men’s aesthetic procedure this past year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This so-called boom in “brotox” procedures, which includes everything from lip augmentations to butt lifts, is evidence of a growing willingness and social acceptance among men to consider undergoing beauty procedures. It may also be an … Read more

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