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5 Marketing Secrets From Infomercials

Infomercials, those long TV ads that air late at night when most reasonable people should be sleeping, are often ridiculed by consumers and marketers alike. What kind of person would fall for those exaggerated claims and supposedly limited time offers? Surely these offers are only accepted by poor desperate insomniacs with too many credit cards, right? As it turns out, there is a surprising secret truth at the heart of these infomercials … that they actually work and many of their customers are people just like you and me. Why do these infomercials work so well – and more importantly, what can anyone marketing a product or service learn from them?

The presentation below offers 5 lessons you can learn from infomercials, along with real life examples of each in action:

14 thoughts on “5 Marketing Secrets From Infomercials”

  1. Infomercial works because they put products and services in context. Context is everything in marketing, and then relevance … and if you are lucky enough if your ad comes in timely.
    Great Post.

  2. Great video. Infomercial is actually a smart strategy for convincing your customers into buying your products. Especially the 2nd point in the video is so convincing that it almost gives a “fairytale happily ever after” kind of a view to the customers.

  3. Punchy presentation! If these didn’t work, they wouldn’t keep airing, but they continue to be tweaked, their formula refined by each successive generation of infomercial marketers.

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