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What If Consumers Could Generate Ads They Want To See?

Last week I sent myself an email to generate a Google text ad.  As any Gmail user knows, Google serves ads based on the text content of your email.  So corresponding back and forth with a good friend of mine whose wedding I will be attending in Peru next month results in several offers for … Read more

How To Find Sites Faster Online Without Using Google

Google is great when you are searching for a single webpage or source of information.  Many of my searches still fit that category – so I’m a big Google user.  The problem is, more and more often I find myself searching not for a single page, but for a web site.  A lot of times … Read more

Rebranding And Announcing A New Book Deal

This blog quietly turned two years old about two weeks ago – and though it was tempting to do a post just about that, there was a good reason for waiting.  Today I have two announcements – one relatively small and one relatively big.  The first small one, is that I have rebranded this blog … Read more

Newsflash for The Algorithm is Dying

In case you hadn’t heard – has a new advertising campaign through their new partnership with Crispin, Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) focused on making a hero out of the algorithm.  The idea behind the marketing strategy is described on their blog: If you get great search results, you don’t care why or how you … Read more

Finding Social Search at SES NY 07

I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion yesterday at the Search Engine Strategies show in NY all about Social Media Optimization.  It was interesting to see how the idea has progressed and search pros are implementing tactics and techniques for social media marketing.  Though I didn’t agree with all of the views … Read more

Yahoo! Pipes Offers The Next Evolution of Marketing with RSS

RSS is one of those technologies that has a relatively enigmatic name for a very simple concept.  The idea that you can provide a feed of content that others can subscribe to is the ultimate simplicity.  Yet so far, RSS has been used primarily to push content that is offered by one group to many … Read more

Top 7 Marketing Trends for 2007

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look forwards to next year and what are shaping up to be some key trends for marketers to track through the year.  To add to the already … Read more

A Recap of 2006 on Influential Interactive Marketing

Let’s start with a warning … this is the "clip show" post where I recycle a lot of old material so if that causes you extreme pain, please close this window now and come back tomorrow.  For all the rest of you, it’s the holidays and a quick glance around the marketing blogosphere will show … Read more

Riya Launches a New Visual Search for Online Retail:

When I first wrote about visual search more than a year ago, it was all about a new type of search interface that would allow you to see results contextually through a more visual interface rather than a simple text listing of results.  Visual search, at that point, was all about improving the interface to … Read more

The Life of Social Media Optimization

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz As of Monday, August 21st, 2006 … Social Media Optimization (SMO) is now a term in Wikipedia.  From it’s humble beginning as a blog post less than two weeks ago, it has been tough to keep up … Read more

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