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Foreverism & The New Longevity Of Everything

One sunny afternoon just over ten years ago, I was backpacking through Ireland and met a fellow traveller on the steps of one of the bridges that cross the River Liffey. We had both just graduated from college a few weeks earlier and spoke for hours about life after college. Then we exchanged addresses and … Read more

2009 Predictions from The Pros At PSFK

Tired of 2009 predictions yet? I’ve had no less than a dozen requests to contribute to compilations of predictions for the next year and have participated in a few. So, clearly I’m part of the problem if you’re up to your ears in predictions from bloggers about what the next year will hold. Sometimes in … Read more

Trendspot: A Potential Influx of Expats

Regardless of how you feel about the way that the US presidential election turned out, there is one fact that seems fairly indisputable … the world outside of America overwhelmingly supported Obama over McCain. One site in particular that crystallized this truth is called The site invites people outside of the US to share … Read more

Trendspot: Using Social Media to Tell the Inside Story of a Book

Getting the "inside story" is an appealing thing.  Whether you are talking about business, or entertainment, or even gossip about people’s daily lives, knowing the inside story means you are part of an elite club.  Inside stories are engaging, and they pass quickly from person to person (often, regardless of whether they are meant to … Read more

4 Trends That Signal the Future of Online Retail

In the industry I work in, it’s easy to get overly passionate about all of the new sites emerging every day that fit into this Web2.0 classification the industry has created.  The majority of these sites are willing to trade short term revenue for the prospect of building up a user base.  New users have … Read more

A Recap of the PSFK Conference

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the first conference event put together by Piers and the team at PSFK focused on trends and ideas.  The agenda was very compelling going into it, and I did leave with many interesting insights and new ideas about marketing and communications.  Though I unfortunately had to duck out … Read more

The Future of Online Communities: A Panel and a Poll

This coming weekend, I will be moderating a panel during Community Next, a very interesting day long event focused on the evolution of online communities.  The topic of the panel is on exploring some of the smartest do-it-yourself tools out there for “creating, analyzing, and marketing your own online community" and I will be joined … Read more

Trendspot: Simplicity Marketing from Apple, Nintendo, and UPS

Like anyone else, I find Steve Job’s product launch presentations to be mesmerizing.  Apple is certainly getting their mileage out of his typically irresistable keynote performance from Macworld, where Jobs announced the iPhone – marketing the download from the homepage of the iTunes store and probably getting millions of downloads already.  Yesterday evening, I also … Read more

5 Case Studies in Reinventing Book Marketing

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz A quick look at any marketing industry publication over the last few weeks will yield more than a few examples of how authors and publishers are getting smarter about marketing.  As more and more outlets compete for … Read more

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