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Branding the Subcontinent: India's Inspiring 60th Anniversary Celebration

Today is India’s 60th Anniversary of Independence and there is lots of discussion on Indian blogs about the significance of this day and what it means for the country.  It will come as no surprise for admirers of the Bollywood film industry that India’s culture is one driven by film and music.  The blockbuster Bollywood … Read more

6 Dream Features Of The Ideal Social Network For Your Family

Almost everyone I know is sharing photos online with family, and some more web savvy families have full groups set up online to correspond with other family members across the world.  Over the last few weeks, I have come across several social networks aimed at helping families to communicate with one another.  The solutions range … Read more

Inside the Art of Brand Personality: A Preview of Ad-Tech Panel

Tomorrow I will be leading a fantastic panel of social media personalities talking about the art of creating and fostering a brand personality through social media.  As I have shared before, I am extremely excited about this session and in particular about learning from the panelists who are participating about how they have managed to … Read more

Are You Marketing Your Product Backstory?

Several weeks ago, I noted an interesting story about how Dole is offering "farm codes" printed onto stickers that are placed on organic bananas offering consumers the chance to get to know more about the farm that grew the banana by visiting  On Dole Organic, you can see such information as a description of … Read more

The Death of the Invisible Agency

There was a time when, apart from industry awards shows and the occasional book from an advertising or PR industry legend – agencies were largely invisible to consumers.  Marketing agencies created advertisements, managed relationships with the press, and generated campaign strategy on behalf of a client, but remained in the background.  Since then, you have … Read more

How to Create a Microbrand Like GapingVoid

It might sometimes seem like everything is going micro.  With microlending, loans are getting smaller.  With online video, entertainment is getting shorter.  Technology devices are, of course, getting smaller. Micro is hot.  So it should come as no surprise that the next big thing coming fast into the marketing world is actually a little thing: … Read more

5 Brilliant Marketing Ideas from SxSW

Over the next week, I’ll posting some of the other insights I will be taking from the event, but in the meantime here are just a few marketing ideas that struck me as remarkable or noteworthy from SxSW: Using the tag as the tagline.  Everywhere you look there are signs posted telling you what tag … Read more

Introducing The Best Panel at Ad-Tech San Francisco

I know there’s not usually supposed to be a competition between panels, but yesterday we just put the finishing touches on what I think is going to be one of the best panel lineups of the upcoming ad-Tech event in San Francisco at the Moscone Center from April 24 to 26th.  The panel, which I … Read more

The Human Side of Search: Presentation from Search Insider Summit

Below is the presentation on the Human Side of Search that I gave today at the Search Insider Summit here in Keystone, Colorado (right click image or link to download PDF): UPDATE – The MP3 version of this presentation is now live. The concepts outlined in this presentation are also further explored in three previous … Read more

The Human Side of Search: Sharing Your Expertise Online

Everyone is an expert in something, as the powerful old tagline from Seth Godin’s Squidoo initially promised when the site launched.  Squidoo is one of a number of sites that are tapping into these distributed pockets of expertise in an effort to help individuals benefit from the skills and knowledge of one another to find … Read more

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